Two Pre-Season Tournaments We Should See Next Year

Paul SwaneySenior Analyst IApril 7, 2009

CINCINNATI - DECEMBER 22: Head coach Sean Miller of Xavier Musketeers yells instructions during the game against the Tennessee Volunteers at the Cintas Center December 22, 2007 in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Now that North Carolina has completed their impressive march through the 2009 NCAA Tournament, my mind shifts to next year, and some match-ups I would love to see in November or December.

One is somewhat controversial, and the second is a no-brainer.

The easy one is the first annual Champions Tournament. With the advent of the CIT this year, we now have four postseason tournaments. It would only be natural to pit the winners of these four tournaments against each other in the following season.

I would propose that it be played annually in a city closest to the geographic center of the four schools. Next year, this would be held in Chicago. North Carolina would take on Old Dominion followed by Penn State versus Oregon State.

I've come out as an advocate of merging the four tournaments into one giant extravaganza, but until that happens, this would be an acceptable compromise.

In a less feasible possibility, I would also love to see the First Annual Coaching Carousel Tournament. I realize that no school would want to enter into a contest like this, and certainly a departed coach does not want to play his former players. That being said, it would be a whole lot of fun.

First Annual Coaching Carousel Match-ups:

Kentucky vs. Memphis

Arizona vs. Xavier

Virginia vs. Washington State

Georgia vs. Nevada

I would also propose this tournament be played in the geographic center between the competing schools. In this case, it would be Kansas City, Missouri.

Thanks college basketball. See you next year!