Twitter Handles Finally Appear on Jerseys, Akron Set to Feature Social Swag

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 28, 2013

Photo Credit: CBS Sports
Photo Credit: CBS Sports

You can try to fight it, pushing back against horrible jersey ideas and social-media ubiquity, but Twitter handles are most definitely coming to the backs of sports uniforms. 

CBS Sports reports Twitter's reach will expand ever so slightly into college basketball when Akron dons jerseys with the handle @ZipsMBB on the back. 

Update: Tuesday, January 29, 12:20 p.m. ET

It seems Akron will have to make due with Twitter handles on mere practice jerseys. ESPN reports the school has asked the NCAA for permission to have their players to don the handles and were told no. 

Instead, the initial Twitter handle will adorn, "warm-up shirts they wear before the game."

---End of Update

First, know that this is not permanent and is relegated to the school's Twitter account, not that of each specific player:

So anyway, here's how Akron's getting some national pub. Twitter advertising on the back of the men's and women's jerseys in coordination with the school's "Social Media Night" this Saturday...

"The Zips will have several promotions and events surrounding the contest with the Bobcats focused on promoting the department's successful social media accounts," according to the school's press release.

Second, realize this is hardly the first time a school has tried to gain notoriety and publicity from sartorial alterations. 

You only have to recall Maryland's ongoing fight with fashion to realize all of this could be very much worse than it is. 

We also have to second what Matt Norlander has to say in his CBS Sports report—the fronts put the backs to shame. 

Besides having the Twitter handle adorning the jerseys, the report states we can also expect to see a great deal of hashtags at the game, presented on the court as well. There, you will see things like, #ZipsGameday and #ThinkBigger. 

This may be the first foray for handles on college-basketball jerseys, but I am not foolish enough to think it will be the last. 

As colleges try to connect with new fans and invigorate discourse, they will turn to the perfect sphere for such things. 

While it may look awful on a jersey, it's hardly the worst thing to happen to uniforms. We can still thank the White Sox short shorts for that. 


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