Shot Clock Completely Flummoxes Bob Knight, Rece Davis with the Assist

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 11, 2013

Vanderbilt lost a close game to Kentucky, and Bob Knight was just lost for the better part of the final moments of the contest. 

Someone please explain to the legendary former head coach the difference between the shot clock and game clock. Oh, you got this one, Rece Davis?


Big Lead Sports spotted this wonderful little morsel that should get us through the rest of the college basketball season. 

First off, our condolences to Vanderbilt, who seem to have gotten jobbed in this video, as the officials clearly miss a shot-clock violation. 

However, this is all about Knight, who would like for you to tell him what that infernal zero is for. Here is part of the exchange, as transcribed by Big Lead

Bob Knight: That 17.3 was up there, and the 0 was on the bottom. I don’t know what that meant.
Rece Davis: The 0 was the shot clock.
Bob Knight: What was the 17.3?
Rece Davis: Game clock.
Bob Knight: Ok, well … [unintelligible]

Vanderbilt would go on to lose Thursday's game, 60-58. Knight would go on to understand the difference between the over-arching game clock and the one that runs on each and every play. 

At least, we think he does. We can't really make out what he says, but it sounds like a man who has it finally figured out, or is willing to just get through the remaining 7.6 seconds of the game before he can go rest his head. 

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