The Stephen Curry "Crisis": It's Draft v. Senior Year

Will MossContributor IJune 14, 2016

As Stephen Curry pulled up for a desperation three with 25 seconds left in the game, most people were sound asleep. Yet even amidst the chaos that we refer to as the NCAA Tournament, this could end up one of the biggest things to happen this year.

The storyline here was not that Saint Mary’s beat Davidson 80-68. It was that that three could have been Curry's last as a Wildcat.

It has been a career to remember, to say the least, and I would like to wish him the best whether he stays or goes. But my question is: Which would we as fans rather see?

This tournament has been filled with chalk; many of us would no doubt prefer to be seeing if the slipper fits the team that Steph led to the Elite Eight last year.

Or will he bring the same kind of magic he brought in college to the NBA?

I don't think LeBron would mind much if Curry took the jump to the next level; heck, most of the league would welcome him. Imagine Dwyane Wade driving and dishing to Curry for three, or even the Suns picking him up as they try to bring back the "Seven Seconds or Less" offense we grew to love.

Who knows, maybe the Knicks would draft him, and more fuel to their rumorous fires. The possibilities are endless.

With the Wildcats' second-leading scorer and leading rebounder Andrew Lovedale graduating, is there a chance they can even make the Big Dance next year with Steph?

The team is hoping Frank Ben-Eze, who was also highly recruited by Georgia Tech, Marquette, and Virginia Tech, will begin to prove himself and will therefore be able to help Curry. Staying would also allow Steph additional time to continue to work on his point guard skills.

But are recruits and extra practice enough to tempt Curry into remaining on campus?

There are some guys that you just know will be "one-and-dones," whether it's for part of their personality or for their fiscal needs. But Curry has neither the character traits nor the monetary situation to demand that he skip his senior year.

His dad, Dell Curry, put together a very good NBA career (winning the Sixth Man award at one point) and is in the Virginia Tech Hall of Fame, so he has no need for his kids to take care of him. It will come down to Stephen weighing his stock in the draft versus his desire to take a team deep into the Dance.

It's his call, and his alone. Money or tourney? Cinderella or the Big Boys? Wildcat or "TBD?"

This is a harder decision then Marisa Miller or Scarlett Johansson.