Taylor University's Annual Silent Night Game Served Up with Gangnam Style

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 11, 2012

The Silent Night game just took place this past weekend, and it's already outdated. 

That's because the fans and students decided to deliver the epic event with a heaping dose of "Gangnam Style," a song that was played out months ago. 

You have to admit this Silent Night ritual is among the best in sports because the video is still highly enjoyable despite the overzealous inclusion of Gangnam. 

A tip of the hat to Off the Bench for spotting this video covering the best parts of this year's event where the Taylor University faithful sit silent for the start of the game, and only let themselves scream once the 10th point of the game has been scored. 

This year the Trojans beat Akron-Wayne, 90-58, but the broken silence was as epic as any year before. 

There is something so bizarre and wonderful about hundreds of people sitting in complete silence and anticipation. When the 10th point drops, you almost want to join in on the bedlam. 

By halftime, the madness spilled onto the court with a pint-sized fan leading the raucous group in a crazy Gangnam Style effort. 

For one magical night, the best party in sports takes place at Taylor University when silence is broken by sheer jubilation. 

It's so amazing we can go ahead and ignore the song that should be shelved at the first of the new year. 


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