Indiana's Tom Crean Skirts Social Norms, Chews Gum That Fell on Floor

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 16, 2012

Tom Crean must have really wanted that chewing gum that fell out of his mouth and onto the same floor where two sweaty basketball teams were playing, because he threw the filth back in his mouth and continued smacking on it. 

A tip of the hat to Larry Brown Sports who spotted this video of Indiana's head coach losing his gum and subsequently losing my vote for world's most sensible human being. 

I'm not a huge believer in the 5-second rule. You would think a man of my chunky proportions would consider eating any food no matter where it fell. 

However, when food hits the ground, it's turned to garbage. Unless it's a piece of steak, or a slice of cake, maybe even a Doritos chip if I haven't eaten all day and I am really, really starving. 

Still. I draw the line at gum. 

Not that Crean didn't have an excuse for basically picking up some accidentally discarded refuse and popping it in his mouth like it weren't no thang. 

The coach tweeted this to a collective mass of shaking heads.

The gum I dropped tonight was a fresh piece of Dentyne Ice. No 5 second rule was in effect.

— Tom Crean (@TomCrean) November 16, 2012


Then he continued with his argument that the gym floor wasn't unlike a fine plate you would find in the priciest of restaurants.

Now, even if it was used, it wouldn't matter. Branch McCracken Court at ASSEMBLY HALL is the cleanest and greatest court around.

— Tom Crean (@TomCrean) November 16, 2012


You can tell yourself what you want, Crean. The fact is you picked up something off the ground and popped it in your mouth. It wasn't even food but sticky gum that becomes a Petri dish the second it exits the mouth. 

For the rest of you, 5-seconds is a rule not a law. It can be broken. 

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