Ohio State-Marquette Postponed Due to Condensation on Carrier Classic Floor

Tyler ConwayFeatured ColumnistNovember 9, 2012

Those who hopped aboard the USS Yorktown hoping to catch a first glimpse of the fourth-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes and Marquette Golden Eagles will be sorely disappointed on Friday. 

According to CBS Sports' Jeff Goodman, condensation on the court has forced officials to postpone the contest: 

Ohio State-Marquette game on aircraft carrier in Charleston won't be played tonight. Floor too wet. Not safe.

— Jeff Goodman (@GoodmanCBS) November 10, 2012


UPDATE: Friday, Nov. 9 at 8:29 p.m. ET by Tyler Conway

Though it hasn't been formally announced, CBS Sports' Jeff Goodman is reporting that the game is unlikely to be rescheduled:

It does not appear as though the Ohio State-Marquette game will be rescheduled. Wonder if this will scrap future aicraft carrier games.

— Jeff Goodman (@GoodmanCBS) November 10, 2012

That's undoubtedly a disappointing blow for both the teams and all in attendance. These contests are a way to honor the troops while also giving the players a unique opportunity that very few others will have. 

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While there is no word on when the game will be rescheduled, you cannot say the people involved did not put forth effort. Marquette coach Buzz Williams could be seen on television trying to dry the floor with towels along with many others before the official decision was announced. 

The game, which is dubbed the Carrier Classic, takes place on a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier and was established in 2011. This season's contest was part of a series of games that are being held on aircraft carriers. 

Fans in attendance were hoping to see how an extremely hyped Ohio State squad would fare in its first game. The Buckeyes were ranked No. 4 in both the AP and USA Today Coaches' poll and boast one of the most talented and deep rosters in the nation. 

Marquette, meanwhile, is looking to replace leading scorers Darius Johnson-Odom and Jae Crowder. Expected to finish in the middle of the Big East, the Eagles will have a great opportunity in the Carrier Classic to show their fans what they have to look forward to.

In theory, the Carrier Classic is a fantastic idea and a great way to kick off the college-basketball season for both squads. However, this situation, along with the postponement of the scheduled game between Syracuse and San Diego State, proves the pitfalls of relying on Mother Nature. 

Here's hoping that the game gets rescheduled and takes place without a hitch in the near future.