College Basketball Uniforms 2013: Grading Michigan St and UConn's Camo Jerseys

Ethan GrantAnalyst INovember 9, 2012

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Michigan State and Connecticut played the first-ever American college basketball game on European soil Friday night. Ramstein Air Base was the site for the event in Germany, and the game featured two of the more interestingly styled jerseys we'll see all season in the sport.

Clearly going for a military-based theme, both teams wore camouflage versions of the uniforms that they wear back home. It's safe to say that it's been a mixed review for whether or not the design for both teams is a smashing success.

Through the first half, it was somewhat hard to tell the teams apart on the broadcast. Although the concept is really cool and both teams were surely excited to mix it up, this one was a comedy of errors, probably more so from the officials' standpoint.

Here's a grade for both teams when it comes to the different parts of the uniforms.




If you haven't had a chance to see the uniforms yet, here's a closer look via MSU Sports and UConn sports writer Ed Daigneault.

Here's the complete uniform including camouflage shoes and socks for the #ArmedForcesClassic

— Spartan Basketball (@MSU_Basketball) November 4, 2012


The camouflage uniforms #UConn will wear in the Armed Forces Classic. Michigan State's are similar.…

— Ed Daigneault (@EdDaigneault) November 5, 2012




Both squads are a similar gray in color. The look is going for a digital camo-type effect, but the jerseys are so close in color that it's hard to tell the two apart on the court.

The Spartans have a green stripe that follows its way around most of the uniform. It makes the point that they are the Spartans, but I'm not a fan. For UConn, the simple red, white and blue approach with their team colors is a great addition to the name across the chest.

UConn's simply looks better, and the red around the "U" in UConn is the touch that sets it off.

Michigan State: D

UConn: B




As with the jerseys, the green just isn't doing it for the Spartans. The Huskies have a more simple dark stripe down the side of their shorts, to go along with the lighter camo.

It's hard to see the Spartan logo on the bottom of the shorts, while it is a bit easier to decipher what's going on with the UConn shorts. Again, the Huskies get the edge.

Michigan State: C-

UConn: B




Both teams hit it out of the park here. The camo wasn't overwhelming on either, while the socks were a nice touch to make this a very committed effort by Nike.

The Spartans have a lighter camo on their shoes, which is what I wish they would have done to the jerseys (although that would have been even more of a viewer nightmare).

UConn added the red to the bottom of the shoes, much like Michigan State did with the green, and it's pulled off very nicely. Good grades for both squads here.

Michigan State: A-

UConn: A-




Though a great idea and something I hope the NCAA continues to push going forward, these jerseys just weren't the easiest for viewing. Yahoo's Jeff Eisenberg summed it up pretty well on Twitter:

If the idea of the camouflage uniforms was for TV viewers not to be able to tell Michigan State and UConn players apart, its working.

— Jeff Eisenberg (@JeffEisenberg) November 9, 2012

The Armed Forces classic is a great tradition, and a highlight for these two teams. Nike will need to make a few modifications before next year, though, to perfect these camo designs.

Michigan State: C-

UConn: B


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