Farewell to Seniors Joe Crawford, Ramel Bradley: Kentucky Basketball Season Recap

Colton WoodsContributor IMarch 20, 2008

Go Cats.

These boys have had one heck of a year. They started off as a team of no interest in the SEC. However, a new coach put everything up in the air.

Despite the fact that they lost to Gardner Webb at the beginning of the season, we felt that this could be UK basketball's worst possible year in who knows how long.

But instead, it was a season of element and surprise. Who could have guessed that Kentucky would have gone 12-4 in conference or more and made the tournament?

Not many of us predicted it.

Head Coach Billy Gillispie has done so much for this basketball program. He has taken the worst of times and turned them into the most unbelievable moments in UK basketball history.

He is not like any ordinary coach. You feel close to him 100 percent of the time even if you have never met him. And if you do get the chance to meet him, you'll feel even closer.

Of all their years at UK, Joe Crawford and Ramel Bradley had their best with Gillispie. They have stepped up and taken the wheel of the team and guided it through this tough season.

If we would not have made the tournament this year, we would have failed them.

Every senior UK basketball player should go to the NCAA Tournament. This year, these two did not get to sail to the tournament. They had to earn it.

At the beginning of the season, Crawford and Bradley wanted to quit because Coach Gillispie was pushing them. But the two banded together and each refused to let the other quit.

They pushed each other to stay on the team and worked as hard as they could to make a real basketball team: The 2007-2008 Kentucky Wildcats Men's Basketball Team.

In the end, it paid off. In an interview, they both stated that they had learned the most they have ever learned in this one year of playing basketball under Coach Gillispie.

Senior Night at Kentucky was unbelievable. The stands were full and the crowd was pumped. Bradley and Crawford definitely left on a good note.

We will miss these two unbelievable seniors. One heck of a year!

Billy Gillispie for coach of the year! C-A-T-S! CATS, CATS, CATS!