The Big 12 and the Big Dance: The Deserving and the Drains

Jeffrey CalvertContributor IMarch 15, 2009

For Oklahoma fans, this has been a strange week to say the least. Missouri wins the Big XII tournament (in Oklahoma City) by beating Baylor, who beat Kansas, who was the No. 1 seed. The Sooners lost to O-State, who they had just beaten a few days before, and had lost to Missouri, who won the Big XII tournament, just a few days later.

The Big XII put six teams in the big dance, and their rankings show just how screwed up things really are.

The lowest seeded team from "the XII" is Texas A&M, who lost in the first round to Texas Tech, or should I say, sophomore Mike Singletary, who scored 29 straight points in the second half.

If A&M knew there were two halves to the game, they may have won. As it was, they decided to let up against a team that they had no respect for, and lost. Remember the respect factor; we will be revisiting it later.

Awaiting the Aggies are the BYU Cougars; if they are fortunate enough to win this game, and I'm predicting that they won't, UConn awaits them. I'm very much against child abuse, so I probably won't watch that game.

The next team from the "XII": the Oklahoma State Cowboys. They had a 20-win season and went through to the semifinals of the tournament. However, when you look at O-State's schedule, you will see they played a number of tournament teams—and only beat one of them, Siena on the road. The other teams: Michigan State, Gonzaga, and Washington, not to mention OU (twice), Kansas, and Missouri (also twice).

Remember the respect factor—I'm not sure how they (the Cowboys) got into the tournament, but someone on the selection committee has too much respect for them, and not the fans.

The next team is the Texas Longhorns. They beat OU (when Blake Griffin was TKO'd by hatchet man Dexter Pittman). They lost to O-State, NEBRASKA, Missouri, and Kansas State. Here is yet another team who didn't deserve to get a bid. After losing to Nebraska, they should be in the "play-in" game on Wednesday. The Horns will be one and done!

Part Two will be tomorrow, so stay tuned.