Andrew Wiggins: Ranking Best Schools for Nation's Top College Basketball Recruit

Nicholas GossCorrespondent IOctober 29, 2012

Andrew Wiggins is the nation's top college basketball recruit (ranked No. 1 in ESPN Top 100) and still hasn't decided which school he will attend for the 2013-14 season.

According to ESPN, the star forward from Huntington Prep has received offers from West Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Florida State and Syracuse.

Let's look at the top three schools that Wiggins should consider as he prepares to make a final decision on where he will play college basketball.


3) Syracuse

When Syracuse moves to the ACC in the near future, it will be hard for recruits to not pick the Orange when they can receive the amazing coaching of Jim Boeheim and play in a conference that will receive plenty of national attention.

Boeheim has helped several talented small forwards achieve success at the collegiate level and in the NBA. One player who greatly benefited from Boeheim's coaching is New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony.

Wiggins' athleticism and scoring ability would make him a great fit in the Orange offense, and since Syracuse is always in the NCAA tournament, he would receive plenty of media exposure.


2) North Carolina

The Tar Heels have signed just one player in the top 50 of Wiggins' recruiting class thus far, and as their roster currently stands, there's no question that he would start for head coach Roy Williams as a freshman if he chose North Carolina.

Williams has won two national titles at North Carolina and is one of the finest coaches in America. The list of players who have excelled for him in Chapel Hill and became first-round draft picks in the NBA is quite long.

North Carolina is always receiving plenty of media attention whether the team is good or not, and if Wiggins chose to sign with the Tar Heels, there's no question that they would be a top team in 2013-14.

If Wiggins wants to play for a national title contender and have a good chance to become a lottery pick in the 2014 NBA draft, North Carolina would be a smart pick.


1) Kentucky

Kentucky already has an amazing recruiting class for the 2013-14 season (three players in the top 10 of ESPN's Top 100 have signed thus far), so playing time may be a little tough to come by for Wiggins even though he's arguably the most talented high school senior in the nation.

Head coach John Calipari is the master of preparing players to be first-round draft picks, and there's no question that Wiggins would make Kentucky the favorites to win the national championship in his freshman season.

Wiggins would thrive in the Wildcats' up-tempo offense and would receive plenty of recognition on a team that will likely make a deep NCAA tournament run.

Even though he would have to share the spotlight with several other talented players in Kentucky, the Wildcats are still the best fit for Wiggins.