Kansas Jayhawks: Fourth Consecutive Big 12 Championship Run Preview

Tyler SimmonsContributor IMarch 10, 2009

The Kansas Jayhawks probably didn't believe they would have been the No. 1 seed come March for the Big 12 Conference tournament.

I didn't even believe they would be. 

However, they are, and they're looking to make it an astonishing four straight conference tournament championship. Their previous three conference tournament championship games have all been wins against the Texas Longhorns. 

This year, if they make it to the championship, it won't be a fourth straight against the Longhorns as Kansas will have to beat Texas in the semifinals, assuming they both make it that far. 

The two championship possibilities for KU to play are pretty sexy rematches.

The rematch against Oklahoma would give fans across the country the chance to see if the Jayhawks can beat OU when the Sooners have Blake Griffin. That's kind of an asterisk on their schedule, but Kansas could get the chance to show everybody what they can do against the Sooners with Blake Griffin. 

The rematch against Mizzou would be a rubber match. Mizzou escaped at home by a two-point margin, and then went on to get blown out by 25 at Kansas.

So if we get a rematch with KU-MU, we could see how well the teams really stack up against one another, and if that 25-point beat down was legit at Lawrence.

Any other possible matchups are against a team with a six-game winning streak in Texas A&M. Although doubtful, if KU did meet up with A&M, then the Jayhawks are playing a team with a nine-game winning streak.  I'm intrigued.

Either way, I definitely want to see Kansas in the championship against one of those opponents, which it probably will be.  With any of the three teams they would probably play, there's some big story lines there. 

I just hope the outcome is Kansas coming out with their fourth straight Big 12 Tournament win.