NC State Season Overview (Part 3)

Allen LoppCorrespondent IMarch 8, 2009

Courtney Fells was a highly touted player coming out of Shannon High School as the No. 9 player in his class of shooting guards. He would have a very successful career at NCSU, scoring 1,000 points in his four year career.


In his freshman year, like most players, he saw limited playing time but also showed lots of potential. Playing seven minutes a game, he averaged two points and one rebound.

In his sophomore year, he saw an increase in minutes along with points and rebounds. Playing 33 minutes a game, he averaged 10 points and three rebounds. He played a major role in the Wolfpacks run to the ACC championship game, which was a close defeat to UNC.

Unlike Ben McCauley, Courtney Fells didn't see a major decrease in playing time or points or rebounds in his junior year. But he did see a decrease in rebounds per game. Playing 29 minutes a game, Fells averaged 10 points,and two rebounds. The team finished second to last in the ACC that year.

This year, Fells' senior year, was a season where no win in the ACC was ever guaranteed. His stats were close to what they were last year, as in 29 minutes per game, Fells averaged 11 points and three rebounds.

Now we can look back at the other senior, Simon Harris.

Simon Harris's freshman year was different from the other two seniors. He played 21 minutes a game, averaging four points and pulling down five boards. His freshman year was when he saw majority of his playing time.

Sadly, over the years, his playing time just got smaller, and, by the end, he rarely came off the bench. But at least on senior night, Sidney Lowe let him play a season high 10 minutes.

I believe I speak for the whole Wolfpack Nation when I thank all of you for choosing NC  to spend your four years of college at N.C. State.