Notre Dame Basketball: Why Move to ACC Will Help Irish Basketball Recruiting

Josh Schoch@JoshSchochAnalyst IIISeptember 12, 2012

Notre Dame Basketball: Why Move to ACC Will Help Irish Basketball Recruiting

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    Notre Dame's move from the Big East to the ACC is a huge boost for the Irish's college basketball recruiting.

    Mike Brey and company have to be loving this switch to the ACC, as the team's recruiting is about to take a huge step forward.

    Why exactly should Brey be happy? These are the top five reasons.

They're Playing in the Nation's Premier Conference

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    Elite college basketball recruits want to play against the best teams in the country. It's a simple concept and it holds true for a lot of high-level recruits.

    Now that there is a clear No. 1 conference in college basketball, we are going to see a lot of players flock there to prepare for the NBA.

    Notre Dame is now among those members of the conference who will benefit from these players joining the ACC, thanks to their rich tradition and ability to compete on the national stage. This transition will certainly help them bring in some of the top players in the country.

They'll Be Getting Better NCAA Tournament Seeding

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    One of the direct benefits from playing in an elite conference is that if you do well, then you get better NCAA tournament seeding.

    In a tough conference like the ACC, the regular season winner will almost automatically be given a No. 1 seed and the rest of the teams near the top will be given generous seeds because of the strength of their schedules.

    That's something that won't be happening in the Big East anymore.

    So long as the Irish stay among the top four or five teams in the ACC, they will be given a good seed in the tournament, and that will result in better runs in March.

New Rivalries

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    Who doesn't love a good rivalry?

    Two of the things recruits look for are a great atmosphere in a stadium and passionate rivalries.

    The Irish will maintain rivalries with Syracuse and Pittsburgh, since all three are headed to the ACC, but they will now have new ones with historic programs like Duke, North Carolina, and North Carolina State.

    These rivalries haven't had a long history, but they're going to make some serious noise over the next few years.

New Recruiting Pipelines in the South

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    Right now, the Irish don't exactly have much of a recruiting presence in the South. The team rarely plays in North Carolina, Florida, etc., and they don't have much of a reputation down there because of it.

    Notre Dame's 2011-12 roster didn't have any players from south of Maryland, where star guards Jerian Grant and Eric Atkins live. Now that the team will be playing plenty of games from Virginia to Florida, they will soon increase their sphere of influence.

    These new recruiting pipelines in the South will be huge if the team wants to become a serious National Championship contender.

They'll Keep Their Influence in the Midwest

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    Notre Dame is a prestigious program known around the country and they have a great sphere of influence near their Midwest roots.

    The move from the Big East isn't going to hurt the team's recruiting in the Midwest (although it might hurt their influence in the far Northeast), and they will continue to control recruiting pipelines in Indiana, Illinois, etc.

    This move increases Notre Dame's ability to recruit around the country, while they'll be able to keep their homegrown players.