To Flop, or Not To Flop...Irish Lose Close One

Jim CowanCorrespondent IMarch 1, 2009

Considering the road ahead for the Fightin' Irish, fans can expect things to get much, much worse. 

After watching the Irish play poorly on the University of Connecticut's home court isn't surprising. Is there not a more detestable a place to play in college basketball?

I’m not talking about the facilities; I’ve never been anywhere near Storrs, CT. I’m talking about the all out ridiculousness UConn gets away with each home game.

I know what the thoughts will be, “Of course, Irish lose and you scream ‘bad officiating’.” That’s a valid point. For the sake of argument here, I’ll try to pry off my homer goggles and break down why I blame the refs.

First, the calls and non-calls.

When viewing a game, it’s natural to believe your team is getting the shaft, I know I always do.

UConn had 13 blocked shots...13! Okay, I get it, they have a seven-foot shot-blocking machine. My problem is not with the 13 blocked shots, but the seven personal fouls in 40 minutes, which is unheard of in most college games.

The commentators said UConn had no reason to commit such fouls because they know they can block shots.

What a bunch of bollocks!

I’d say 50 percent were legit blocked shots. Heck, I’ll give them 60 percent, which would put them around their average. But I call BS on them having the second best blocks-per-game average, and near the top of the list for least penalized. I just can't accept those stats.

My second beef is with Thabeet. His antics in the last minute were the most revolting thing I’ve seen all season. They may be legal, but they're dirty.

The NCAA should take a long look at the rule, or lack there of. To flop, sit out, and let an 80 percent free throw shooter take the shots—

Calhoun, you and your 800 wins can shove it! I have zero respect for you and that call.

Those free throws locked up a UConn victory. To call that play unsportsmanlike is an insult to unsportsmanlike!

Calhoun and Thabeet, shame on you both.

And that’s all I have to say about that.