Hoyas-Wildcats: Live Blog From the Living Room

Marc DaleyAnalyst IMarch 13, 2008

Greetings sports fans!  This will be a "Live" blog during Big East conference tourney action.  Since we don't have streaming capability we can't have viewing as I write, but this gives me time to correct my mistakes as I go.

Then again that's not really "live" is it?

Villanova has made sure that the refs' bank accounts don't have transfers from any accounts tagged "P. Ewing" or "Mutombo LLC". 

Jay Bilas looks confused wondering where the ACC game is.

If 'Nova stays hot from three I could see an upset. The 'Cats would also work their way into serious at-large consideration.

Hoyas get the tip.  Summers starts off with a trey.

Another open look from three for G-Town (Jonathan Wallace drains it.) GTown 6-2.

So far the Hoyas have no problem breaking the trap.  But Hibbert picked up his first foul on a Reynolds drive.

Wallace two for two from long range. Hoyas 9-4.  Summers gets his 2nd ticket for GTown bringing in Ewing the son.

Time out 'Nova.  Wright won't wait for the media offering as the Hoyas are getting more open than Wal-Mart from outside.  GTown is also doing a nice job of collapsing on Scottie Reynolds as he drives to the basket and are up 12-4.

Hibbert already has 3 turnovers. But it's not unusual for them to have a lot of giveaways.

14 minutes left in the first half- no boards for Nova.

Jessie Sapp has drained two straight treys.  Bad karma for the 'Cats.

Jeremiah Rivers picks up his 2nd for GTown. Unfortunately he's not Doc.  Despite his efforts he looks a step slower athletically.

First rebound comes for 'Nova with 11:35 left in the half on a Pena putback.

Now the Hoyas are getting human from three.  Reynolds drove in and got Hibbert to pick up his first foul.  Let's see if the 'mo shifts.

Wallace is nearly outscoring 'Nova (14 to 15).

G'Town 25-15 at the under-8 break.  But Roy H. now has 2 whistles.

Wallace can't be stopped.  When the outside isn't open he's driving easily and scoring. Considering he was accepted to law school as well is there anything he can't do?

3-point % so far - Nova 25%, Hoyas 64%

Reynolds just went down following a Hibbert block. He hit the deck hard and now has a nasty Montross-like gash over his right eye and has to come out. It looked Vernon Macklin landed on his face with his knee. If it were Michael Graham Reynolds would be looking for a missing kidney.

Beautiful passing by the Hoyas.  This possession didn't result in a score but their crisp distribution is rendering the 'Cats press useless.

JT II is still glowering at people.  Or maybe he's taking a nap.  Either way, he always thought he was bigger than the game.  A heck of a coach whose paranoia and persecution complex overshadowed his success.

It's danger zone time for 'Nova.  They haven't scored a basket in over five minutes. 34-19, Hoyas at the under-4 mark and Hibbert has no points.

Interestingly enough, no Hoya free throws yet.  But almost very basket they've scored has had an assist as part of the deal.  A lot of open looks.

Reynolds back in with some nice bandage dressing over the cut.

Shot clock issues....it reset following a Chris Wright air ball.  Now they have it set.

7:10 and counting without a 'Cats basket.  Where's Harold Jensen when you need him?

Antonio Pena hits a basket for Nova for the first time in 8:20.  And amazingly they're only down 37-27 with 1:32 left in the half.  But Wallace scores again. And the stock market is down. Some things remain constant in these modern times.

Halftime 40-29, Hoyas. Wallace has 19, double his average. Reynolds and Pena lead the 'Cats with eight apiece. Considering GTown has shot the lights out 'Nova can't feel too bad, plus they're getting pounded on the boards.  Amazingly GTown has still not shot a free throw.

Second half starts. Somebody has to stick a hand in Wallace's face, otherwise he's going for 30.

Hibbert missed a chippy against Reynolds. Not his day today.  And he just committed a silly foul with a grab on Dwayne Anderson who then hits a three. 

Quick TO by JT III. 'Hoyas 40-34.

Corey Stokes is ice cold  but Reynolds just hit a three. And Hibbert just committed his fourth.  He has been a complete non-factor today.  JT II is glowering in disgust.

Proof that fight can overcome lack of execution. Anderson gets a basket and will have an opportunity for a three-point play after we come back from ads. 40-39 Hoyas. 10-0 run by the 'Cats.

Matching threes by Anderson and Wright. 43-43.

Second mental error by Ewing II. Earlier he got a T for throwing the ball in the air now he interfered on a made Hoya layup.

Nova has taken the lead on an Dante Cunningham basket.  

First free throws for Georgetown comes for Summers with 12:53 left in the game.

Ewing II hits a free throw to give GTown a 48-47 lead following a nasty dunk.

Stokes hits a three. Now Nova is back on top.

Sapp gets a three opp. Really going back and forth.  A fun game to watch in the second half. 51-50 Hoyas.

Under 12 timeout.  Ewing, despite his lack of focus, has given a lot of energy since he got in the game.  Bilas has touted him as a second-round pick...I don't see it.  He'll get a tryout on name alone but he doesn't stick out from other 6-8 tweeners.  Now he limps off the court...looks like he twisted his ankle.

Four Hoyas have three or more fouls. 

But Reynolds takes a breather and 'Nova turns it over. 

Sapp buried his fourth three. 

Summers hits a leaner. 

Wright calls a timeout. 

Reynolds is bleeding again. 

Make it five threes for Sapp.  Hoyas up 59-5

Freeman hits the 14th three for GTown.  62-54 Hoyas with the under-8 rest.  Macklin fouls out for GTown following a hack against Anderson who scored on a follow. Anderson is having a nice second half after being a ghost for the first 20.  Reynolds is still on the bench....7:15 left.

Reynolds will check in at the 5:34 mark.  Too little too late?  'Nova down 65-56.

Hibbert just fouled out.  Considering he's first-team all Big East I'll let it go but zero points, 4 rebounds, and 4 turnovers in postseason?  Hope it's an accident and not a trend.

Ewing made a great unselfish pass to Summers.  Definitely a glue guy for the Hoyas.

Georgetown just tied the school record with their 16th three of the game.

You can start the bus running. Hoyas break the record as Sapp has his sixth three.  73-58 Hoyas with 3:38 left.

I thought 'Nova might have a slight chance to get in the Dance but this game destroys that dream. 20-12, RPI in the 50s, SOS in the 50s, 8th in conference, 3-6 vs. Top 50, 6-4 last 10. Not a great resume.

24 Hoya assists on 26 field goals.  Definitely a shocking stat in this drive-and-dunk Sportscenter age.

Bilas is arguing 'Nova's case, saying that beating the top team in the conference is a lot to ask.  Sorry Jay, but I only see 4 wins all season vs. NCAA Dance teams, and one of those was over George Mason.  If this had been a close game, maybe if some other bubbles burst.  But it's NIT for the 'Cats.

35% shooting for Nova for the game.  54% for GTown. That says it all.

Bob Huggins gets ready to enter the building.  He stops to yell at some NYU students who are actually on their way to learn by going to class.  In a weird Yoda-like voice Huggy Bear said, "Learning? Class?  A college student craves not these things."

I understand teams want to compete until the end, but why foul when you're down 17 with 1:12 left?  Think of the time constraints. You would have to be Superman with the Wizard of Speed and Time on your side to make that kind of a comeback.  Concede and come back strong next time.

Now we're talling. Nova plays D until Summers dunks.

There's the capper!!  82-63 Hoyas.















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