George Mason: Two Good Reasons Why They Will Not Get Invited to Join the ACC

Glenn PettyAnalyst IFebruary 20, 2009

No. 1: They do not play football.

No 2: Their homecoming queen is a drag queen.

No, I am not kidding.

Last week, George Mason had their homecoming week during basketball season because, again, they do not play football. Pat McGee sang at the homecoming game, and the students dressed in green and yellow.

It was a normal homecoming until things took a turn. The George Mason students voted on the homecoming queen and proved, yet again, that democracy can be flawed.

The choices were two regular gals and a guy who hosts a drag queen show. They went drag. The school says they are cool with it all, and the students are crowing about their diversity.

Everybody else is saying WTF?

The Washington Post can explain the whole situation to you in short order.

Now you may think this was a lark for the Mighty Masons, but if the comments on Connect2Mason are any indication, you should think again.

"Congrats Reann!! I was so excited to read about Mason's new Homecoming Queen in the Washington Post. I am proud of Reann, proud of the students that voted for her, and I am so very proud of the administrators who didn't cut Reann from the ballot. Many lesser institutions would have gotten nervous and taken the politic route, but Mason's admin demonstrated faith in the credibility and intelligence of their students. It is a wonderful day to be a Mason alum," said and anonymous poster.

Go figure!

(Photo by Teddy Meyer—George Mason University Broadside Photo)