College Basketball: Top 5 Destinations for No. 2 Recruit Julius Randle

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College Basketball: Top 5 Destinations for No. 2 Recruit Julius Randle
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Is Julius Randle a one-and-done or a two-and-through player? The answer could give a clue as to where he might land.

However, that answer appears to be under lock and key, along with his list of top destinations for 2013.

Powerhouses such as Kentucky, North Carolina, Duke and Kansas have put in their offers on the nation's No. 2 recruit. Despite the "intuition" of many fanbases, Randle has given little indication of who is at the top of his supposedly non-existent list—and it may not even be the four I just listed. Seven more teams have offered him, including home state favorites TCU, Texas and Baylor.

“They both [Baylor and Texas] don’t have national championships, so to go to any one of those schools and give them their first national championship, that would be amazing,” Randle said in an interview with Five Star Basketball.

If anything, it looks like he is shooting for a national championship—and my guess is that it would have to be done in one to two years. Julius Randle just isn't three or four-year talent in this era of college basketball.

I firmly believe the coach, scheme and potential for a quick national title will be the keys to his selection. But this is nothing more than educated speculation.

The best I can do is give you where I rank the teams that have shoved offers at him, give you some teaser quotes and let your own psychic powers take it from there.

With Randle's best interests in mind and the use of deductive reasoning at it's best, I have reduced his list of 11 programs to my own top five.

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