College Basketball: Predicting the Career Win Totals of 10 Top CBB Coaches

Doug Brodess@DougbrodessCorrespondent IJune 22, 2012

College Basketball: Predicting the Career Win Totals of 10 Top CBB Coaches

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    Doing a quick scan of the landscape of college basketball, I am impressed with the long-term success of many of the top-level coaches.

    They've not only strung together a couple winning seasons, but they've sustained success for an extended time.

    As a huge college hoops fan, I want these great leaders to continue on for a long time to come.

    The following is a list of some of the best CBB coaches from across the country, predicting how many wins they could collect through the rest of their careers.

    Not all of them will coach until they are 70 years old or more, but we will, in many cases, look to see how they would do if they go until then.  

Mark Few: Gonzaga

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    Mark Few is a unique coach who leads a unique program.

    During Few's 13 years at the helm at Gonzaga, the Bulldogs have gone from being a mid-major novelty to a Top 25 regular.

    Few's record currently stands at 342-90. If he coached until 70 years old, he would end up with approximately 700 career wins.

Tom Izzo: Michigan State

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    Tom Izzo didn't start his head coaching run until he was 40 years old.

    Now, after 17 years of leading the Michigan State Spartans to a 412-169 record, Izzo is considered one of the top coaches in CBB.

    If he keeps up his current victory pace and coaches until he is 70, Izzo will total around 725 career wins.

Rick Pitino: Louisville

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    Rick Pitino crossed over the 600-win mark this past season (616-227).

    Pitino has announced that he plans to retire after his current contract runs out following the 2016-17 season.

    With five years left, Pitino will have no problem surpassing the 700-win mark before he strolls off into the sunset.

Billy Donovan: Florida

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    Billy Donovan may not be considered a young coach anymore, but at age 47, the University of Florida head coach could prowl the sidelines for another two decades.

    So far, in 18 years, Donovan has compiled a 421-178 record.

    If he goes for another 20 years, Donovan would be hovering right around a 900-win coaching career. 

John Calipari: Kentucky

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    Nailing down John Calipari's career coaching record is a little tricky.

    Because he had to vacate wins at both UMass and Memphis, Coach Cal's record now stands at 505-151.

    At 53 years old, he could stay on the sidelines for years to come. If he hangs in until he's 70, Calipari could easily get to 900 wins.

Jim Calhoun: UConn

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    Jim Calhoun is in the last stage of his illustrious coaching career.

    He has stated: "I've been here (UConn) for 25 seasons and I'd like to make it 26 and go from there."

    At age 70, Calhoun is No. 6 in all-time wins (873).

    With a good 2012-13 season, he could reach 900 wins this year. But, with the current roster, I'm not sure that 27 wins is likely.

    If he wants to reach or surpass that mark, he may need to hold on for an additional season.

Roy Williams: North Carolina

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    Roy Williams has had two very successful runs in his coaching career.

    He coached 15 years at Kansas, piling up 418 wins in Lawrence.

    Now, over the last nine years at UNC, Williams has added another 257 victories.

    If he goes another nine seasons in Chapel Hill, which would take him to 70 years old, Williams very well could finish up with around 925 career wins.

Bill Self: Kansas

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    Bill Self has found a home at KU.

    After working his way up through head coaching jobs at ORU, Tulsa and Illinois, Self has become one of the most successful coaches in the current CBB scene.

    In his nine years at Kansas, he is one win shy of averaging 30 wins per season (269-53; 83.8 winning percentage). Wow!

    If he coaches until he is 70, and things keep rolling as they have for the Jayhawks, 900 wins is a definitely possible. A thousand might be in reach.

Jim Boeheim: Syracuse

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    Jim Boeheim has coached his entire 33-year career at one school: Syracuse.

    So far, Boeheim has posted a 890-304 record as the Orange head coach.

    He will turn 68 years old during the 2012-13 season.

    Just for the sake of discussion, lets assume that he coaches another four seasons.

    That's what it will probably take for him to get to 1000 wins.

    Very doable.

Mike Krzyzewski: Duke

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    Mike Krzyzewski has the most wins of any college basketball coach in CBB history.

    Going into the 2012-13 season, Coach K has a 927-289 record.

    Just at Duke, Krzyzewski has won 854 games.

    While he has not made any public announcements about how much longer he will coach, it's safe to say that he is not ready to retire in the foreseeable future.

    At age 65, it is very possible that he could coach another five years or more.

    If he does continue until age 70, Coach K could surpass 1000 wins and finish out with somewhere in the neighborhood of 1050 career victories.