Week in Review/Weekend Agenda

TK on ToastSenior Analyst IMarch 7, 2008

Here’s a little recap of the week that was plus what’s on the agenda for this weekend in the world of sports.

Week in Review

Brett Farve retires.

I would say this is probably one of the bigger retirements we’ve had in a long time in all of sports.

It was one of those retirements that you actually watched the press conference with some focus. Most of the time they either don’t have a press conference or you really don’t give a shit.

This one was pretty big.

Even though I’m a giant Vikings fan, I still have all the respect in the world for Brett Farve.

I do get sick of the announcers sucking up to him every game, but the guy was flat out awesome. He was also a huge face of the NFL, which is why this makes this retirement a biggie.

I will say I was totally shocked that he retired this week.

The Packers were 13-3 last year and lost by three points in the NFC Championship game. The NFC North would have been a lock next year with the football Jesus back under center.

He was coming off an MVP-type season so I thought no way in hell he would retire.

Well, I was wrong.

And after watching him sob on national TV, I’d say he’s done for good. Some people still think he will come back after he gets the itch this summer. It sure didn’t look like it in his press conference. He’s done.

Farve calling it quits is great news for the men in purple. This opens the door for the rest of the division, especially our beloved Vikings.

Chicago is regressing and Kitna’s annual prediction of 10 wins next year will fall way short. We are the only team on the rise in the NFC North.

The Packers are still the favorites, and I don’t want to say any differently right now.

Rodgers is still probably the best quarterback in the division, which is a little stupid but they took a giant hit this week.

The new era of the Packers has officially started and the next 17 years aren’t going to be as good as the last 17 years. No way.

Lebron James in something besides a human being.

First off, it’s never been written in this blog, but the guy is stacked.

Can I just say that?

He came in the league at 18 years of age cut to the max.

How does that happen?

Was he pumping iron at 13?

He’s 6’8, 240 pounds and is the fastest guy on the court most nights. That’s not fair.

He also had probably the dunk of the century last weekend when he floated in the air for a good three minutes.

Anyways, he was a beast this week. Putting up points of 37, 50, and 39. Lebron has 20 games left and his season averages are 30.8 pts, 8 rebs, and 7.4 assists.

He’s doing this against the best of the best.

He’s like one of those guys you make up on “NBA Live” where you give your guy the highest skill in every category and he looks like a mutant on the court. That’s LBJ.

The Spurs are back at it.

Three weeks ago people were saying the Spurs have gotten old and don’t look like they have it in them this year.

They were hovering around a fifth or sixth seed in the West.

Things kind of flipped though.

A current 11 game winning streak has put them to the top of the West and primed to make another run. It doesn’t fail with them.

It’s probably the last thing I want too, because I’m sick of them. I don’t hate them as some others do (Q & Dogg), but I want to watch an entertaining finals this year.

I respect dynasties but would love for some new blood to reach the finals this year.

Anyone else on the Lakers bandwagon? I secured my seat a few weeks ago.

No. 1 seeds.

About one week ago I had my one seeds as Memphis, UNC, Kansas, and Texas.

That went right down the toilet eight days later.

I forgot about UCLA, who just wrapped up the Pac-10 regular season, and Tennessee didn’t slip up like I predicted.

They almost did though!

I think the committee might be in for a tough choice come selection time.

Memphis kind of mucks everything up.

They aren’t going to lose so they will be a one seed because of the lowest loss total in the nation.

However, that leaves the winners of the Pac-10, ACC, Big 12, and SEC with only three seeds to compete for. I’m not even including Wisconsin, a four-loss team that will probably win the Big 10. They aren’t even in the mix.

You could have a winner of a power conference like Kansas get a two seed with three total losses!

UCLA, UNC and Tennessee will be in if they all win out.

Duke is still in the mix also. If they beat UNC Saturday (more on this later) and win the ACC championship, how aren’t they a one seed?

It’s going to be a crazy hard decision. This is like Jack from Lost choosing between Juliet or Kate! I know whom I would choose…

Twins early spring training analysis.

Delmon Young—Hitting .615 and Dogg says he’s an MVP candidate already.

There is nothing better than Dogg jumping on a bandwagon. He’s convincing as hell. This might be a little too much homer here though.

Joe Mauer—Hitting very well and is primed for a big year. Needs to stop being a pussy and play the whole year. Lead this team Golden Boy.

Nick Punto—Back in his utility role where he’ll shine this year. He'll hit .280 with 20 stolen bags.

Carlos Gomez—All you need to know about this guy is what he said in the papers this week: “They don't have no speed like me. I know I can help this team. Especially when I hit ahead of Morneau and the catcher and the other guy."

The catcher and the other guy? C

ome on chump, you’re hitting a buck 54 this spring.

That would be Joe Mauer and Cuddy, staples in this league. Get a clue.

Livan Hernandez—Still weighs as much as a semi and still will be the most inconsistent piece of our staff.

First outing—solid.

Second outing—donkey shit.

He’ll be 12-12 with a 4.70 ERA this year. I don’t know if that’s better than giving our kids some work.

Kevin Slowey—A 14 ERA so far and not stepping up like they thought he would. Needs to pick it up or else.

Nick Blackburn—TKOT’s boy will take his spot! We’re pulling for this kid big time!


Weekend agenda-

College hoops.

It’s the last weekend of the college basketball regular season and all that is important is the Saturday night dandy between UNC and Duke.

A fantastic game to end the season.

Duke went into UNC last time they played and kicked the shit out of them. But I don’t see a repeat performance.

Duke is extremely tough on their home court, but UNC is playing better ball.

I’m not getting paid to say that either.

Duke is barely getting by mid-level ACC teams while UNC is dominating. Duke’s given up like 90 points a game also.

I’m as big as a Duke fan as anyone, but I don’t see them pulling this out.

Like I said before, Duke would have a shot at the one seed if they can win this game, but I think with Ty Lawson playing in this game and Duke’s suspect defense, I see UNC winning.

That doesn’t mean I’ll be cheering for the ferries in powder blue because of this prediction, I’m just calling it like I see it.