Kyle McAlarney and Jodie Meeks Speak: Anyone Can Have an Off Night

Paul McGuillicuddyAnalyst IJanuary 30, 2009

Yo Mac!  What up dawg?  Thanks for hitting me back.

No prob Meek.  I was at an American Studies meeting when you rang earlier.  What’s up?

Not much.  Chillin’.  Chillin’.  We’re hanging in the team room playin’ Madden.  Dude, Fitz is unstoppable.

Tell me ’bout it.  We were playin’ the other night.  I thought Gody was gonna go through the ceiling tryin’ to stop him.  That cat is competitive about EVERYTHING.

What you guys got for the Panthers tomorrow?

Whew!  That’s gonna be a tough one.  I was kinda hopin’ we’d catch them a little overconfident.  Then they went and lost to ‘Nova.  Man, they’re gonna be fired up at home tomorrow.

Yeah, I know what that’s like.  Ole Miss played like they were possessed the other night.

Aw man!  We were watchin’.

Yeah, they were all up in my grill and everything.  The only way I could go open in the first half was that Princeton cut.

I saw that.

That cut is fine if you’re catchin' at the foul line, but man, at the arc tryin’ to catch and get your feet under you is almost impossible.

I know what you’re sayin’.

I’m not tellin’ you anything though.  Marquette dogged you.

Tell me about it.

They got those three guards on the floor; there’s no way for a guy like you to get open.

Pffft!  Preachin’ to the choir dawg.  I got up 12 shots against the Eagles for the game.  But four came in the last coupla minutes when I was tryin' anything to get us back in the game.  Man, I missed a lay-up I’d do anything to get back.

Don’t beat yourself up man.  I dropped 21 and people still callin’ it an off night.


Dawg, basketball down here is like football at your place.  It’s like ever since I dropped the 54 on Tennessee, old-timers have been just waitin’ to put me in my place.


Oh yeah—coach talks to us about not reading the papers or listening to the radio or anything, but dude, it’s all over.  Everyone talkin’ how if "Goose" Givens had the arc he would own that record and done it in a national title game and all.

Wow!  And I thought the football yahoos were crazy up here.  Hoops up here is something to do when there is no pigskin news.  Of course there is always football to talk about in South Bend.

Dawg, that’s what hoopin’ is down here.  "Goose" this, "Goose" that; that’s all they talk about.  They have no idea how teams can prepare to shut you down.  Besides, do I need to remind them that Duke played zone against the Wildcats that night.  There is no chance of either of us seein’ a zone the rest of the year.

And still you dropped 21.

I know, but then they say something like, “See, when the chips are down, the kid can’t come through.”

Aw man, don’t pay attention.  You guys ready for the Gamecocks tomorrow?

It’s all good.  We’ll have our game face on.

Cool.  Hey, did you see what Thompson did last night?

Yeah, he dropped eight of 10n.  Dude I remember that cat from AAU.  When he’s feelin’ it there is no stoppin’ him.

I know.  I know.  Harden went off for 26, but Pendergraph struggled.  Tellin’ ya, if Thompson stays hot the Cougars will be tough.  They play nasty D.

True dat.

How ’bout Gonzaga and St. Mary’s?  I know you Catholics all stick together.

Aw man, great game.

Yeah, I’m lookin’ forward to when they meet in McKeon Pavilion.  Hopefully, Millsy’ll be good to go.

Tell me ’bout it.  He went for 18 and he played less than a half.  The Gaels will be lookin’ for revenge.

Listen dawg, I gotta jet.  Marketing study group before practice.  Tell little Hansbrough I said Hey!

Will do.  Talk to you Sunday.  Hey, who you picking Sunday night?

C’mawn dawg!  Steelers 27-17.

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