Amile Jefferson: 5 Reasons Top College Basketball Recruit Needs to Pick Ohio St.

Soven Bery@@realsovenberySenior Analyst IMay 8, 2012

Amile Jefferson: 5 Reasons Top College Basketball Recruit Needs to Pick Ohio St.

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    Amile Jefferson is one of the top college basketball recruits in the country and his list is now comprised of just six schools. They are Villanova, Kentucky, Ohio State, Duke, Connecticut and North Carolina State. 

    In the end there will be just one school left and that one school needs to be Ohio State. 

    The highly sought after prospect is a 6’9”, 205 pound versatile forward with a unique skill set that will set him apart from the rest at the college level. 

    The Friends Central high schooler was a McDonald's All-American and Gatorade Player of the Year in Pennsylvania. 

    He is the 25th best recruit according to ESPNU and the second best remaining prospect. Jefferson will make a huge splash wherever he goes. 

    He should end up being a Buckeye and here is why. 

Best Chance to Win Now

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    This is a team that was at the brink of the NCAA Championship last season. 

    Yes, a big part of that had to do with Jared Sullinger who is now gone but the role players are who elevated the Buckeyes' game to the next level. 

    DeShaun Thomas is returning to Columbus. That alone is a big boost for the program. The forward averaged 15.9 points and 5.4 rebounds per game last season. 

    Aaron Craft and Lezelle Smith Jr. also will be back to prove that this is a team that can win now. 

    Freshman point guard Amedeo Della Valle will also join Amile Jefferson and they could make a potent punch for the Buckeyes. 


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    A coach is very important in every decision for any young player. A coach is someone who will mentor, teach, led and develop a prospect into a pro ready athlete.

    Amile Jefferson will get his fair share of great coaches. John Calipari, Jim Calhoun and Coach K all want the standout on their roster. 

    But Ohio State also has a great leader in charge of the team. 

    Head coach Thad Matta has helped to develop raw prospects like Jared Sullinger and Greg Oden into top NBA big men. He can do the same for Jefferson and turn the baller into a guaranteed high lottery pick.

    Also, unlike other schools Coach Matta runs an Ohio State squad where academics and athletics are both in the forefront of his program.


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    There are many different reasons why a recruit will pick one school over another but the overall atmosphere of a campus could definitely swing support in one direction. 

    And the will to win is definitely present in Ohio State. The campus is full of talent and that forces everyone else to work harder. It is this kind of mentality that will push a prospect to be the best basketball player he can be. 

    Jefferson will thrive in that type of environment. He will quickly become NBA ready at Ohio State. 

    The team is full with a surplus of talent. Amir Williams, Evan Ravenel and Trey McDonald are a great trio inside and it is not secret that Shannon Scott, LaQuinton Ross, Sam Thompson, Aaron Craft and DeShaun Thomas are going to need minutes. 

    Amile Jefferson will thrive in this Buckeye environment where he will be forced to fight for success. It is in this atmosphere that he will develop into a hard-working athlete that is ready to thrill in the Association. 

A Role

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    Jared Sullinger is a 6’9” forward that is leaving Ohio State. 

    Amile Jefferson is a 6’8” forward that has a chance to enter Ohio State. 

    Coincidence? I think not. There is no doubt that there will be a Jared Sullinger shaped hole in Columbus this winter and spring. 

    Sullinger was the best player on the team and beloved by fans. Moving on without him will be hard. But this team can overcome the hole and Jefferson could be a big part of that. 

    If the recruit even plays like a shadow of Sullinger the team and the fans will rally around Jefferson and, for a second, forgot about their old big man. 

    That undying support and a proven place in a community is something that Jefferson cannot pass up. Every kid wants to be a superstar. Ohio State is allowing him to do just that. 

    Jefferson would be ludicrous to not give that a thought. 

Championship Hopes

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    This is a team that can easily make it back to the Final Four. 

    In fact this squad made it farther in March Madness then anyone on Jefferson’s list, sans John Calipari and his one and done Kentucky team. 

    But the 2012-2013 version of the Wildcats will look undeniably different then the group of boys that cut down the net in April. 

    But let us not diverge from the point of this slide. Shaky Duke got ousted in the first round by No. 15 Lehigh while Connecticut also had a first round exit by way of Iowa State. 

    Villanova didn’t even make the tournament. But No. 11 North Carolina State had a surprising run that ended in the Sweet 16 at the hands of Kansas. 

    The Wolfpack had a nice recruiting class and the return of C.J. Leslie is a nice boon but this is a still a big question-mark team. 

    Ohio State is a program that has continually proved how dominant it can be in March and being part of a winning squad is something that Amile Jefferson will need.