NBA Draft 2012: 10 Players Who Will Eventually Be NBA All-Stars

Trevor Lowry@@TheTrevorLowryContributor IMay 3, 2012

NBA Draft 2012: 10 Players Who Will Eventually Be NBA All-Stars

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    Not every NBA draft pick will turn out to be the next greatest thing, but there are certainly many players in the 2012 NBA draft class who will eventually become NBA All-Stars.

    This could very well be the best draft class in a very long time. There are great players in the upcoming draft from top to bottom. 

    With that said, read on to see 10 players who will eventually be NBA All-Stars. 

Harrison Barnes, North Carolina

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    Points per game: 17.1

    Rebounds per game: 5.2

    Harrison Barnes has been in the spotlight ever since he started playing at North Carolina, for a reason. The special thing about Barnes is the fact that he can not only play offense, but defense as well.

    Barnes can literally score from anywhere on the court. He is tall at 6'8'', which allows him to drive the ball to the hoop and post up from time to time. He also has a great shot though, with impressive range.

    If Barnes can carry his talents to the NBA and add some bulk, he could very well be an All-Star one day. His college numbers would surely suggest that.  

Austin Rivers, Duke

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    Points per game: 15.5

    Rebounds per game: 3.4

    For whatever reason, many people have been dogging on Austin Rivers ever since joining Duke. That could be because he is a pouter when he doesn't get his way, or possibly because he had semi-big shoes to fill, with Kyrie Irving playing on Duke last year.

    Whatever the case may be, Rivers played pretty darn good in his freshman season. 

    Rivers is easily one of the best shooters in the draft. Put this kid in the stands and he would still make it. He is rather clutch at times too, and Tyler Zeller and North Carolina would know all about that.

    Rivers did not average many assists for Duke, for the simple fact that he is not a point guard. He certainly could be one though, considering his ball-handling skills are rather good and he is also a great passer.

    However, his true game is penetrating and knocking down shots. 

    Rivers could easily be an elite scorer in the NBA, which would eventually make him an All-Star. He is by far one of the best guards in the draft and will prove his worth at the next level. 

Will Barton, Memphis

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    Points per game: 18

    Rebounds per game: 8

    Will Barton knows how to put the ball in the hoop at a very high rate. This kid was a big-time scorer at Memphis and he will be a big-time scorer in the NBA.

    He is a shooting guard, which obviously means he is a great shooter, with deep and impressive range. However, Barton is also very aggressive, which is a plus no matter what position you play.

    Outside of Bradley Beal, Barton may be the best rebounding guard in the draft. That is saying a lot, considering he probably won't go until late in the first round.

Bradley Beal, Florida

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    Points per game: 14.8

    Rebounds per game: 6.7

    Would you look at that, it's Bradley Beal.

    If you had the courtesy to not just skip the last slide, then you would know that I mentioned Bradley Beal being the best rebounding guard in the draft, and it is oh-so-very-true.

    Beal has so much talent, it is ridiculous. He can score from anywhere on the court, play defense and rebound. Sounds like a top-five pick to me.

    Beal has the skills to play the point guard position, but that won't likely be the case. He will play shooting guard and will be one of the best shooters in the NBA in time.

    This guy is good, and you will be hearing his name a lot in the future.  

Damian Lillard, Weber State

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    Points per game: 24.5

    Rebounds per game: 5

    When is the last time you've heard a player from Weber State being projected as a lottery pick in the NBA draft? We may be here awhile.

    Anyway, Damian Lillard is being projected that high for a reason. He is an absolute scoring machine, for starters. He can lead a fast break like no other, thanks to his phenomenal speed and athleticism.

    Whoever picks up Lillard will be getting a point guard who loves to score the ball. It is crazy to think that Lillard was able to average 24.5 points per game in a season in college. Just imagine what he can do in the NBA, with more playing time and less of a shot clock.

Anthony Davis, Kentucky

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    Points per game: 14.2

    Rebounds per game: 10.4

    Getting tired of hearing Anthony Davis' name yet? Yeah, me too.

    Davis is clearly the best player in the draft because of his defensive and rebounding abilities alone. Just imagine when he develops his offensive game more.

    He will challenge players like Dwight Howard for the defensive player of the year in his rookie season. That is how talented he is on the defensive side of the ball. 

    Davis will be the No. 1 overall pick and an All-Star in the NBA. 

Jeremy Lamb, Connecticut

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    Points per game: 17.7

    Rebounds per game: 4.9

    Jeremy Lamb is an elite scorer. He can shoot the long ball, he can shoot from mid range and he can shoot when he doesn't even have the ball. Okay, that doesn't really make any sense, but you get the point. Lamb is a great shooter, to say the least.

    He also can play defense, and his seven-foot wing span certainly helps with that.

    Bottom line with Lamb is he will score the basketball many times a game in the NBA. 

Marcus Denmon, Missouri

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    Points per game: 17.7

    Rebounds per game: 5

    The Missouri Tigers were one of the most exciting teams in the nation to watch this year, and Marcus Denmon had a lot to do with it.

    Denmon could shoot threes and he was clutch.

    Thanks to his great basketball IQ, he rarely turned the ball over. Denmon may only be 6'3'', but he can finish at the rim and snatch a good amount of rebounds.

    He may be a shooting guard, but he could play at the point in the NBA. Look for Denmon's name in the All-Star game in a couple of years. 

Perry Jones III, Baylor

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    Points per game: 13.5

    Rebounds per game: 7.6

    It is amazing how many people think that Perry Jones III is overrated. Jones may have not done anything in the NBA yet, for obvious reasons, but he has the potential to be the MVP of the league. That is how good he is.

    Jones can literally do it all. Tell Jones that he needs to play point guard, and he will. Tell Jones that he needs to play center, and he will do that as well. However, the impressive thing is that he is talented enough to be efficient in whatever he is asked to do on the court.

    Jones is obviously a good rebounder and defender. He can also knock down threes, run the ball down the court and post up, which is saying a lot, considering his 6'11'' frame. 

Terrence Jones, Kentucky

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    Points per game: 12.3 

    Rebounds per game: 7.2

    Terrence Jones didn't quite have the production in his second year with Kentucky as he did his freshman season. However, that is because of all of the talent that Kentucky had this past year. In case you didn't know, the Kentucky Wildcats kind of won the national championship this year and all.

    Jones is a 6'8'' power forward who can not only play in the post, but can dribble the ball and shoot well. He is also a great passer who can play just about any position. Hmm...that kind of sounds like that one guy in the NBA named LeBron James.

    Jones will most likely never be the player that James is, but he definitely has the skill set to play like him. 

    Whether it is in his rookie season or five years down the line, Terrence Jones will be an NBA All-Star.


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