Top 5 Questions For Clemson Basketball Right Now.

taylor eubanksContributor IJanuary 26, 2009

The Clemson Tigers are currently 3-2 in conference play in the ACC.  The ACC is starting to get more competitive as the season goes on.  Clemson is hoping they can once again get to the ACC championship game, but this time win it. 

Clemson just came off of two losses to North Carolina and former No. 1 team Wake Forest.  They also just had a win on Jan. 25 against Georgia Tech.  There are many questions for this Clemson team to be answered.  I hope I can answer some of them here.

1) Lack of height.

In the past few games Clemson has struggled down low on offense and defense.  Clemson's center is Trevor Booker.  Booker is a very strong force down low, but the only problem is his height.  He is only 6'7", 240 lbs. 

I feel that this will continue to be a problem unless Clemson gives the 7'2", 230 lbs freshman Bobo Baciu some more playing time.  I think if this were to happen Clemson would be a lot more dominate down low.

2) Finishing shots down low.

Clemson is struggling to make shots down low.  Trevor Booker is more of a power center then just a regular center.  He has struggles making the shots down low at time most likely because of his height disadvantage down low. 

To be a 6'7" center if he is going to makes shots down low he has to make sure he finishes the shot.  The other man down low Raymond Sykes I also believe he needs to be more like Booker and use more power to make easier shots.

3) No purpose fouls.

In Clemson's last couple of games Clemson has continued to commit fouls that they just should not.  Now I mostly see them when they are rebounding.  I understand you have to be aggressive for the rebound, but you do not need to put yourself in foul trouble.  I have seen and may others have seen in the past few years where Clemson has got in foul trouble and ended up hurting them later towards the end of the game.

4) Inbounding the ball.

At times Clemson struggles inbounding the ball to which would lead to turnovers.  There are lots of times when Clemson inbounds the ball with our smaller players.  The problem the smaller players have inbounding the ball is if they have a big man in front of them then they can not see over them good.  So the solution to this problem is very simple, just use Trevor Booker, Raymond Sykes, or Tanner Smith, who is a good passer.

5) Turnovers.

Clemson has a good many turnovers a game.  The reasons are because of inbounding the ball, bad passes, and walking.  Now there is not much I can say about this.  You know think about and look to see if there is someone looking to steel the ball when you pass it.  Well as far as walking you just have to not make that mistake.

I feel if Clemson could work on these things a little more they would be even better.

I hoped you liked my ideas and leave comments about my ideas and your ideas.

  Taylor Eubanks