Next Year's the Year for Wisconsin Basketball

Eric Schad Contributor IJanuary 22, 2009

I love Wisconsin Basketball. And Bo Ryan is one of my hero's. However this season has been a very hard one to watch thus far. The Badgers are 12-6 overall and 3-3 in conference play.

After multiple overtime loses to Big Ten rivals and close games slipping out of our reach it has gotten to a point where I have a headache every time I watch them play.

With how things are going for the Badgers right now I think it would take a small miracle for Bucky to win the Big Ten this year. I do not want to give up on my boys but part of me wants to start looking forward to next season.

I am excited to see that the Badgers have signed Diamond Taylor a 6'3" shooting guard out of Illinois and Mike Bruesewitz a 6'7" power forward out of Minnesota. However I am still wondering when they will be getting a dominant big man. They currently do not have any people that I see fit to play center for them in the future.

Some people like Keaton Nankivil but he was originally a power forward and has not done much thus far in his time at Wisconsin (One of my friends who is not playing college ball shut Keaton down his senior year in high school). There are other people that could fill the void such as Ian Markolf and Jared Berggren however it does not seem that they are getting much playing time.

I think that the Badgers need to go out and find a dominant big guy to rule the boards, somebody that put up similar numbers to Brian Butch. I know that Butch was an All American but it seems that they are really missing someone like him.

One other thing that I wish we could find is more athletic, ball-handling guards. Alando Tucker was a great athlete but he did not have a great shot. And we currently have Trevon Hughes who I cannot understand. One game he will be great and the next I will find myself doing nothing but yell at him through the T.V. I personally do not think that he is the answer and I can only hope that Jordan Taylor can play better when the time is his.

As I said before, Bo Ryan is one of my hero's and it is safe to say that he is one of the best coaches in college basketball. The other day a friend and I came to the conclusion that with how good of a coach Bo Ryan is the Badgers could be a national powerhouse if they were able to get more athletic guys into the system.

It seems that the majority of the players on the team are big white guys straight off the farm, which is not necessarily a bad thing (I am a born and raised Wisconsin boy myself). I just think that we need more than that. We need a more balanced team if we want to get past the Sweet 16.

The system that Bo Ryan has implemented is great and in no way am I complaining about that. I just wish that Bucky could land a few more dynamic recruits so that they are more of a threat in years like this and when it comes to playing in March.

Lets all hope for more success on the recruiting trails and lets hope that Wisconsin can become a power house for years to come. On Wisconsin.