An Apology to Jeff Teague of Wake Forest

Daniel DamicoCorrespondent IJanuary 13, 2009

Throughout life, we should learn from our mistakes, and I have done a good deal of learning in my time on earth.  I am also a man of honor—stop laughing—and I admit when I am wrong.  Trust me, I was wrong.  So here it goes.

I am sorry Jeff. 

I spent days, maybe even weeks, breaking down the ACC.  I highlighted every team and most players on those teams.  I predicted that Wake Forest would finish fifth behind Clemson—which is still possible.

In that same article, I talked about James Johnson and how talented I thought he was—he still is.  I highlighted Johnson as the "most important player on your team."  I wrote about the freshmen phenom Al-Farouq Aminu and the rest of the first year wonders.

You were the second player I highlighted, but all I said about you was, "Jeff Teague is a scorer and got better in conference play.  He is the only double figure scorer from last season, and he and (Ishmael) Smith should compliment each other very well." 

I am sorry I did not write more about you and did not highlight you as the most important player on your team, because you are.

I am also sorry that I did not put you on any of my All-ACC Teams.  I am even more sorry I did not even put you on the "honorable mention" list.

I am sorry.  Right now, you are the best player in the ACC and are a sure first team All-American candidate. 

You led your team over UNC and scored a career-high 34 points on UNC's Ty Lawson, and then held him to only nine points and forced him into four turnovers.  I am sorry I listed Lawson on my All-ACC first team and that you made Lawson look silly.  You were the best player on the floor.  No question.

You have stepped up for your team when they needed you, and your play has matured.  You are the leader on the No. 2 ranked team in the country—or No. 3, depending on the poll.  You have improved in every major statistical category. 

You are raised your scoring from 13.9 to 20.6 ppg.  You average four rebounds, four assists, and four steals a game, and you are shooting 54 percent from the floor and 85 percent from the free throw line. 

So, in closing, I am sorry Jeff for underestimating you, and I will never do it again. 

Good luck the rest of the season.  Please take it easy on Duke.

Daniel Damico