The 20 Biggest Game Changers in College Basketball

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The 20 Biggest Game Changers in College Basketball
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College basketball produces some of the most exciting competition in the world of sports.  That excitement is provided by a number of factors like big-time coaches, selfless team play and passionate crowds.  Perhaps the most excitement comes from game-changing players.

The college game has been poached quite a bit by the NBA, an top-level talent rarely stays for more than a year or two, but there are still a vast number of players that are must-see-TV.

That is exactly what this list is.  It is a group of players who can single-handedly change any game with just their presence on the court.  Some do it with defense, some with offense.  Some do it with one specific elite skill, others do it with an ability to impact a game in multiple ways.

It is important to note that this isn't a generic list or ranking of the consensus best 20 players in college basketball.  It is a recognition of players who have a unique impact on individual games and their team's performance.

Anyone who's read my lists before knows I cast a wide net, and try to represent the lesser recognized schools and conferences as well.  Also, my general rule is not to include multiple players from the same team.

As always, if you feel that anyone was unfairly excluded, unfairly included, overrated or underrated, I'm always interested in the readers' choices. 

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