The 20 Ugliest Court Designs in College Basketball

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IFebruary 6, 2012

The 20 Ugliest Court Designs in College Basketball

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    Many schools in college basketball feel like they need to go above and beyond to stand out in the sport.

    Unfortunately, many of these schools do this by drawing attention to their basketball courts.

    Simply put, a good majority of these courts would make the toughest person in the world cringe.

    Here are the ugliest courts in college basketball. Whether you agree or disagree, be sure to leave a comment below!

No. 20: Princeton

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    A list like this couldn't exist without an Ivy League school, right? More to the point, that is the lamest, least intimidating tiger I have ever seen in my life.

No. 19: Cleveland State

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    Cleveland State's center logo either looks like a viking from a really cheap cartoon or a guy who appeared on To Catch a Predator that just happens to be wearing a viking hat. It's probably both.

No. 18: Valparaiso

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    Seemingly another bad center logo taken from a cartoon show.

    Additionally, with those colors, do Valpo's coaches look like UPS guys when they wear school colors?

No. 17: Austin Peay

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    With red all over and Austin Peay's super creepy logo, this court looks like it was straight out of a terrible science-fiction film.

    Plan 9 From Outer Space, anyone?

No. 16: Idaho State

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    Ah!  My eyes. This is simply the "orangest" court in college basketball.

    If it were any "oranger," it would have to be illegal.

    And yes, I'm pretty sure Idaho State plays their basketball games in a giant barn too.

No. 15: Vanderblit

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    Vanderbilt's court isn't nesecarily ugly.  But with the stands a mile away, the court looks more like Carnagie Hall than a basketball arena.

No. 14: 2011 Women's Final Four

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    When colleges go for the old-school look on their basketball courts (I'm looking at you, Duke and UCLA), it usually works.

    When the NCAA went for the old-school look in the 2011 Women's Final Four, it was an epic failure.

    Besides, I don't know why they painted flashlights in the paint when there's plenty of light coming from the ceiling.

No. 13 Clemson

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    Clemson actually has one of the better logos in college athletics. On a basketball court, however, it just looks disgusting.

    Plus, orange and purple is one of the worst color combinations in college sports, only second to...

No. 12: Florida A&M

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    The two words that describe orange and green together? Gross and unnecessary.

    There are actually some rattlesnakes that are really orange and green. None of them are easy on the eyes either.

No. 11: 2009 Women's Final Four

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    If designing terrible basketball courts was an Olympic sport, the NCAA would get the gold medal every year thanks to the Women's Final Four.

No. 10: Toledo

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    Is it just me, or did a giant smurf leave a huge nasty skid mark on Toledo's basketball court?


No. 9: Kansas

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    Let the hating begin. I know, a classic team with a classic arena.

    However, the Jayhawk logo is one of the dumbest in college athletics, and plopping it front and center on basketball floor is quite an eyesore.

No. 8: Rhode Island

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    Baby blue is another no-no when it comes to college athletic colors.

    Even worse, Rhode Island must have forgotten to color the ram logo center court. Either way, this court is disasterous.

No. 7: Drexel

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    Does that dragon look like a Pokemon, or does that dragon look like a Pokemon?

No. 6: Colorado State

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    All I can say about this one is that it looks like Colorado State took the phrase "grab life by the horns" a little too seriously here.

No. 5 Boise State

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    As if the blue turf wasn't enough.

    Boise State being Boise State of course rolled out this painful court design not too long ago.

    Fortunately for everyone's eyes, this court design no longer exists in Taco Bell Arena, as the Broncos have gone with this much better, but still painful design additionally updated to reflect Boise State's move to the Mountain West Conference.

No. 4: Texas A&M

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    A description isn't even needed for Texas A&M's hoops court.

    Let's just say a huge state outline plus a weird logo plus baby-poop color equals disaster.

No. 3: Northwestern (Proposed All-Purple Design)

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    When, before the season, Northwestern left it up to their fans (yes, all five of them) to vote on the new court in Welsh-Ryan Arena, this design was one of the four options.

    Fortunately, Northwestern did not pull a Boise State and axed the all-purple design, and instead, went with this classy-looking court.

No. 2: Cal-State Bakersfield

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    Unfortunately, Cal-State Bakersfield did not get the memo about all-colored basketball courts, as they went with this all-blue design for the 2011-2012 season.

    To top it off, the Roadrunner logo at center court looks like another Pokemon. Completely unnecessary.

No. 1: Oregon

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    Yes. You knew it was coming.

    Back when I first saw Oregon's new hoops court last season, I honestly thought Bigfoot pooped all over the sidelines of the floor. It took a second look for me to realize those were actually trees.

    The floor at Matthew Knight Arena, ladies and gentlemen, is the ugliest in college basketball without a doubt.

    And I'm sorry you had to look at it just now.