Viral Video Breakdown: Metta World Peace, Blake Griffin and More Hot Video Clips

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 5, 2012

Viral Video Breakdown: Metta World Peace, Blake Griffin and More Hot Video Clips

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    Metta World Peace gave a typical Metta World Peace press conference. Blake Griffin made a shot from the moon, and we have ourselves a week's worth of awesome videos. 

    I love sports as much as you do, and we can't get enough of what happens between the lines and on prime-time TV.

    However, there is a wealth of momentous occasions taking place all around the globe that demand our attention.

    With that, we have another rousing array of viral videos from the fringe of sports that have us all laughing from the wonderful absurdity of it all.  

    If you have a suggestion for the breakdown or just want to chime in with how the latest week went down, let your thoughts be known in the section below. 

    Let's get to a swagtastic week of videos. 

Mark Cuban Boogie

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    Mark Cuban is a master of industry and a boogie-down artiest of the highest order. 

    While at Kilroy’s in Bloomington, Indiana, Cuban heard the song Gangnam Style come on and just couldn't help himself. 

    We include in this breakdown because, well, it's Mark Cuban dancing. 

    More Information: Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban Dances to 'Gangnam Style' Up in the Club

Michael Phelps Drops 150-Foot Putt

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    Michael Phelps retired from swimming fast in a straight line to have fun and, apparently, sink epic putts from way out. 

    Here he is at Dunhill Links sinking a putt from the parking lot, and the announcers go wild. Okay, they actually seem to be a tad bit bored with this feat. 

    More Information: Michael Phelps Becomes Golf God and Drops Epic 50-Yard Putt at Dunhill Links

Oakland A's Fan Goes Nuts

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    There was no fan happier than this one that the A's clinched the AL West. I dare you to find a fan happier, more sincere than this one. 

    In fact, if you do find one, back away. I don't want to see the fan happier than this. 

    More Information: Oakland A's Division-Clinching Win Causes Fan to Go Awesome

Blake Griffin Sinks 75-Foot Shot

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    Not even a bank shot. 

    The Clippers held an open scrimmage, and a ton of fans showed up. That's not the impressive part though. 

    No, that would be the king of dunking taking a ball 75-feet from the basket and chucking across the court for an easy basket. 


    More Information: Blake Griffin Drains 75-Foot Shot at Clippers Scrimmage, Ball Goes Undunked

Hockey Player Crashes Through Glass

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    Taylor Cox of the New Jersey Junior Titans of the Atlantic Junior Hockey League scores a goal and is thrilled. 

    He is so ecstatic that he barrels through glass during his celebration, not quite what he had in mind. 

    Rest assured he was just fine, and his team went on to win 4-1. The glass was not so lucky. 

    More Information: Junior Hockey Player Scores Goal Then Crashes Through Glass in Celebration Fail

Golfer Hits One off the Roof

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    As a horrible golfer, I have had some horrible lies. However, I have never had to go up on the roof to save par like Carlton Forrester did. 

    At the George Arthur Crump Cup, Forrester had to chip from the roof and ended up getting close enough to the hole to save par. 

    More Information: Golfer Saves Par with Chip Shot from Roof of Country Club

West Virginia Sing-Along

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    West Virginia just finished beating Baylor, 70-63. Even more amazing, their quarterback, Geno Smith, passed for 656 yards and eight touchdowns. 

    But one of the more wonderful moment was the entire stadium breaking out in a song, singing John Denver's "Country Roads."

    Excuse me while I weep gently. 

    More Information: West Virginia Fans Sing "Country Roads," World Peace Nearly Breaks out

2 Balls Are Crazier Than 1

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    Um, so this happened. 

    Finnish sides HJK Helsinki and FCHaka were tied at a goal apiece when Helsinki midfielder Juho Makela scored his team's second goal. 

    All would be well if there weren't a second ball on the pitch at the same time. The goal was ruled good, and the game would later end in a 2-2 tie. 

    The referee made no friends that night. 

    More Information: Finnish Top-Flight Football Match Gets Crazy When 2 Balls Enter Pitch

LFL Announcers Mock Referee

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    Hopefully, this is the last update we have involving officials. 

    The LFL has such high standards that a couple of announcers mock this ref's physique and ability to properly deliver what the infraction was. 

    Easy, guys. 

    More Information: LFL Announcers Mock Referee, Invoke the Great Ed Hochuli

Metta World Peace Media Day Fun Time

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    Metta World Peace met with reporters on media day, and hilarity broke out for all to see. 

    He delved into how the Lakers are like the Care Bears and couldn't remember the name of one of his teammates. 

    Open a bottle of wine and savor this video like it should be savored with class and sophistication. 

    More Information: Lakers' Metta World Peace Delivers Hilariously Awkward Routine at Media Day

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