1. Yup. And Jeter's coach/manager didn't throw him out there every day to kick the crap and look old near-every night. https://t.co/6zbjL4TUqF

  2. Forget Stars' Thoughts, Pistons Happy with Jackson

  3. Durant Leads Thunder to 103-87 Win Over Pistons

  4. Four straight home games start Monday, including the Lakers next Sunday. NO FEES on tix if you get them tonight https://t.co/8TVeAJoWMq

  5. #Pistons trying to end six years without making playoffs. Can't just give minutes without them being earned. https://t.co/MbeLnfCBXG

  6. Durant Spoils Jackson's Return, Pistons Fall to Thunder

  7. Full Highlights from Pistons vs. Thunder

  8. Thunder Interior Dominates Pistons in Eye-Opening Rout at OKC

  9. Halftime in Brooklyn. #Pistons hold on to a 41-35 lead over the #Nets at the end of the 2Q. https://t.co/GVqE3YfSoA

  10. Points at a premium and we'll take a six point lead into the break. KCP leads us with 8. Dre 7 and 9 boards https://t.co/pw5X4mzIVs

  11. What's been more sad: The Derek Jeter retirement tour of the Kobe Bryant retirement tour? I think it's the latter.

  12. Reggie Jackson on Thunder Fans' Boos: 'I Kind of Love to Be Hated'

  13. Jackson: Biggest Regret About Thunder Is Not Winning Title

  14. Durant Happy for Reggie Jackson Despite 'Rough Ending'

  15. Pistons bump shooting % to 36 and lead 41-35 at half. Jackson 6/4/5; Drummond 7/9, KCP 8. Pistons 8 more shots, 8 more boards.

  16. Jackson up in the air with no plan and gets a lucky shot to fall. #Pistons up 2 after Drummond turnover.

  17. What a horsedung first half this has been. #Pistons lead #Nets 35-31 in case you fell asleep.

  18. Jackson Expects Icy Oklahoma City Reception

  19. Drummond's Double-Double Leads Pistons Past Heat

  20. And I actually read the Players Tribune thing and yes, Kobe's appearance next Sunday at Palace will be his last. #Pistons

  21. Morris coming out now for KCP. Stanley Johnson has played 13 straight minutes, still in there.

  22. Cutting rotation to 9 stretches minutes of Morris, KCP. Morris at 17 & counting with 3 to play in 1H. Host HOU tomorrow night.

  23. Detroit Starts Holiday Cheer with 3-Pt Barrage vs. MIA

  24. Full Highlights from Heat vs. Pistons

  25. A Little Tinkering Could Boost Pistons Bench

  26. I'm honestly saying this without sarcasm, but, finally. https://t.co/u6i0k58opR

  27. Johnson with top of the key triple, holds the form and looks around like he's a shooter or something. Kid is confident. #Pistons up 4.

  28. Pistons Roll Through Heat for Win

  29. Good news: #Pistons assisting on 67% of FGs tonight. Bad news: They have only 15 baskets in 21 minutes. But lead 35-31 after @iAmSJ 3

  30. Every Piston - sans Ersan + Reggie - is shooting below their career FG% and 3P%. You've got to figure that bounces up at some point, right?

  31. Monroe Leads Bucks Past Pistons 109-88

  32. Hilliard Gets First Playing Time in Backcourt

  33. They just ignored Morris as they were going 0-7. Go to Morris and he hits a shot. #Pistons down 1.

  34. Blake to Baynes for the bucket and we're back in the lead in Brooklyn.

  35. How Much Better Would Your Team Be with Curry?

  36. Breaking Down Each Team's Early-Season Trade Bait

  37. Pistons 0 of 7 with 3 turnovers in 2Q .. until Morris breaks the ice with a jumper almost 5 minutes in .. down only 1

  38. I tried to make it work in the ol' trade machine. It's financially impossible, I think. https://t.co/pIYz5zw3Xc

  39. Defense Can't Bail Out Cold Shooting Pistons

  40. Pistons to Retire Jerseys for Ben Wallace and Chauncey Billups

  41. Promoting the big fight next weekend during #Pistons at #Nets. Can't wait for this one. #boxing https://t.co/IT6SFuqsEC

  42. Through 15 minutes, Nets shooting 33.3%, or as the #Pistons call it, "hot." Pistons at 27.3% and trail 25-22

  43. Pistons Fall Flat Against Bucks

  44. 7-0 Nets run to open 2Q. Pistons scoreless on first 5 trips

  45. "That's rim protecting right there" #BlocksByDre https://t.co/L9J9xC6vM6

  46. Wizards Contain Drummond, Hold on to Beat Pistons 97-95

  47. Full Highlights for Wizards vs. Pistons

  48. Joe Johnson gets his first shot in his 11th minute

  49. You know our app presented by @budlight has live stats right? Here's your first quarter update https://t.co/igCIi6o9XN

  50. Drummond Is Cleared for Takeoff

  51. Blake, Baynes, Tolliver, Morris and Johnson out to start 2Q for #Pistons, who lead 22-18

  52. #Pistons up 22-18. KCP living off long 2s to score 8 points. As @David_Mayo says a made long 2 is worth more than a missed three-pointer.

  53. Drummond, Pistons Grind Out Win Over T-Wolves

  54. Pistons Shake Long Losing Streak with 2nd Straight Win

  55. 22-18 #Pistons after 1Q. KCP with 8. Drummond 5/6. RJax has 2P/4R/3A but is 1 of 7 FGs.

  56. Blake really crafty at keeping dribble alive and working out of tough spots to create scoring chances for teammates https://t.co/l7Xu2I84AS

  57. Full Highlights from Pistons vs. T-Wolves

  58. Drummond, Bench Carry Pistons to Win

  59. Pistons shoot 32% - thanks to 2 late Blake dimes - yet somehow lead 22-18 after 1Q. 7 more FGAs. 17-12 rebound edge, 4-2 TO edge

  60. We had a feeling that fourth option would be the most popular one ... https://t.co/2z9i6jy5ku

  61. Ranking Each Team After 3 Weeks of Action

  62. #Pistons 1-for-7 at the line after Drummond banks one in.

  63. Pistons now 1 of 7 at FT line, Drummond banking the last one in

  64. SVG's Moves to Toughen Up Pistons Shows at Crunch Time

  65. Detroit's Fearsome Duo Leads Pistons Past Cavs

  66. Pistons down to 28% .. missing a ton in the paint, too.

  67. Reminds me when talking to a scout during the mausoleum years at Palace. Told me he wrote opponents had to bring own energy to the Palace.

  68. Drummond, Jackson Help Pistons Snap 4-Game Losing Streak

  69. Full Highlights from Cavaliers vs. Pistons

  70. Steve Blake off the bench for Jackson. KCP, Drummond only starters still on the floor.

  71. Pistons 0 of 5 FTs, both teams shooting under 35% from field. Pistons up 15-12, 2:55. Nets 4 turnovers. Pistons active on D.