1. That was the worst Fielder's choice I've ever seen.

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  10. Talk about an impressive rookie season... Well done, @mm_duffy. #Duffman #SFGiants http://t.co/V0zgp4PzK7

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  15. Man, it's dark in Toronto, I had no idea that Canada was that far away.

  16. I'm not a hockey fan, and I still threw up after watching this. https://t.co/8J7mujn3OT

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  20. whoosified

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  25. This is probably about Clayton Kershaw being clutch in the postseason, but I don't want to click the link. https://t.co/WVh1KLtQDo

  26. Next step is to play 2 Live Crew on a loop for the next 400 hours and see who messages me first.

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  28. Nothing has made me feel more dad than realizing that everything I played on Spotify was going straight to my Facebook feed.

  29. finally http://t.co/vsFdM55rCO

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  32. Kind of want a dinger here just for the baseball. Kind of don't want to hear "SANTA MARIA"

  33. Hope #royals, #astros don't lose their travel day. That's like a 6 1/2-hour flight, right?

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  36. It's hard watch Kendrys Morales play without thinking of this http://t.co/RZ1rq489xb http://t.co/pNeUCVpDYv

  37. Evan Gattis is all triples and small-ball.

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  39. "In a year that has been so improbable, the impossible has happened!" Just heard that call in an ad. Can't plan that. Get well soon, Vin.

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  42. tfw the guy rubbing it in your face is the same guy who doesn't realize he's raising your kid http://t.co/fuVSc3G70L

  43. "This is probably someone who will offer smart opinions." http://t.co/6sfUw71fWK

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  46. This is why you don't bury Youppi's corpse under the stadium, I kept telling them https://t.co/5QgL9eIzQN

  47. Get well soon, Vin. https://t.co/SEhYD7W5hU