1. Zack Greinke, who wanted a decision by tonight from #RedSox, now will make decision between #SFGiants and #Dodgers. https://t.co/TsYPep7JhF

  2. Report: Greinke to Choose Between LAD, SF Soon

  3. Report: Red Sox, Price Agree to 7-Yr/$217M Deal

  4. How Braves Have MLB's Alphas by Throat on Miller

  5. Predictions for MLB Winter Meetings

  6. As @dgoold has said, Mike Leake could fit with #STLCards now that Price is off board. Also in #SFGiants mix if they don't land Greinke.

  7. Price’s $31M AAV might not be record for long. Greinke’s deal also could come soon. #Dodgers vs. #SFGiants, 5- or 6-year deal expected.

  8. As reported, #Cubs, #SFGiants, #STLCards and #Dodgers were all in on Price before he signed with #Redsox.

  9. Barry's Reportedly Back, and It's About Time

  10. Where Will Johnny Cueto End Up Signing?

  11. Report: M's Showing Interest in OF Nori Aoki

  12. Now that David Price is off the board, Zack Grienke could sign quickly. #Dodgers and #SFGiants both want an answer.

  13. The three free agents the Giants should desperately avoid, including this guy https://t.co/JqPfM9Rs3Z https://t.co/ENEvCxXS3u

  14. Hearing #Astros would be willing to package Jake Marisnick in a deal for pitching. #Indians, #Mariners, maybe #SFGiants could fit.

  15. MLB Power Rankings After Latetst Hot Stove Action

  16. Report: Bonds Plans to Take Marlins' Offer

  17. Report: Giants Sign Ex-A's Prospect Grant Green

  18. New gig for Barry Bonds -- with the Marlins, not the Giants? https://t.co/O1bOrTD8Rg via @sfchronicle #sfgiants #marlins

  19. Don't forget there are a lot of ways to support @giantscommunity on this #GivingTuesday https://t.co/HNyGm3HVAC #SFGivingTuesday #SFGiants

  20. Report: Miller Creating 'Feeding Frenzy' on Trade Market

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  22. Report: Zobrist's Market to Be Set Soon

  23. This has been fun, thanks #SFGiants fans! Follow @giantscommunity and enjoy the rest of #SFGivingTuesday -- Noah https://t.co/7P8eZ6sH7I

  24. #GoWaves! Pepperdine will always hold a special place in my heart. I'll be sure and bring my pompoms to alum game https://t.co/Ab2n9tyWx7

  25. At this point my mind writes checks the body can't cash so as much as I'd enjoy playing, I just can't anymore. https://t.co/Ab2n9tyWx7

  26. Obama Honors Mays with Medal of Freedom

  27. Every Team's Best Trade Asset This Winter

  28. Watch: Kuiper’s Offseason Wish List for Giants

  29. What the what is Kira the Cat? I'm not picking up what you're putting down here, LOL. https://t.co/xyKzJsQfav

  30. Speaking of that, have you heard Tim Flannery's jams? I have one of his CDs - really good and supports a good cause https://t.co/LijW4VAig4

  31. Where Will Justin Upton End Up Signing?

  32. Biggest Steals, Overpays of Offseason Entering Dec.

  33. We always had music jammin & we'd mix it up to touch on everyone's flavor. Music touches the soul & keeps guys loose https://t.co/LijW4VAig4

  34. Nothing but love for Tim Flannery and music in my life. https://t.co/LijW4VAig4

  35. Winners and Losers of MLB Offseason So Far

  36. Report: Giants Interested in John Lackey

  37. Trying to stay on that video game level at all times  but w my schedule I haven't played any video games for years https://t.co/nItTWJh7Z1

  38. I always looked up to Nolan Ryan. His demeanor on the mound, ability to rise to any occasion, I respect tremendously https://t.co/JLd1RVP06F

  39. Report: Lincecum Expects to Pitch in Jan. Showcase

  40. Heyman: Latest Buzz, Notes from Around MLB

  41. Thank you! #SFGivingTuesday https://t.co/A3daqIoMia

  42. I do. Time spent together in battle creates a strong bond. I'd give those guys the shirt off my back. https://t.co/o1lf5zhre3

  43. Rumor: Duffy, Panik Discussed in Miller Talks

  44. Takeaways from Early Hot Stove Chatter

  45. Jokingly, I said "Dude! Have you watched me shag balls in BP? Just try and keep up!" (con'd) https://t.co/odBsq0g5xD

  46. I have it! It landed in the bullpen which made for an easy retrieval. I bust it out when my SoCal family (con'd) https://t.co/JIdEclQFcN

  47. Early Predictions for 2016 MLB Awards

  48. Odds of Each Teams' Hottest Rumor Becoming Reality

  49. In all seriousness, I loved my time playing with @BarryBonds & the advice he gave the younger generations behind him https://t.co/odBsq0g5xD

  50. and friends start jawing about their home team and my outings against them. #SFGiants https://t.co/JIdEclQFcN

  51. Predicting Where Top MLB FAs Will Land

  52. Cueto Would Be No-Doubt Ace Again for Giants

  53. He told me to watch what he does and how he positions himself pitch to pitch and mirror that (con'd) https://t.co/odBsq0g5xD

  54. 1 my first win against Cincy 2 watching @BarryBonds break the HR record 3 August Pitcher of the Month award https://t.co/SKHfqHvMqz

  55. Heyman: Some See Giants Favorite to Land Greinke

  56. Could SF Get Fernandez? Probably Not, but Let's Try Anyways

  57. Bittersweet, surreal getting to play another position in the bigs but we lost the game & suffered injuries, no bueno https://t.co/077tsgUYr6

  58. Tons of fun and some good outings in my HS days although I think I may have coined #EffectivelyWild while doing so! https://t.co/A7HcJamICG

  59. Every Team's Most Pressing Need to Fill

  60. Extra Baggs: Crawford-Type Extension Possible for Belt

  61. BOOM 805 representing. Love to see it! https://t.co/A7HcJamICG

  62. FUNNIEST: @VizquelOmar13 // Omar Vizquel - he always had fun and brought out the best in everything and everyone. https://t.co/5KCPL4cnCT

  63. Crawford Calls Long-Term Deal 'Easy Decision'

  64. Are Giants Locking Up Their Own Core Four?

  65. My focus now: faith, family, & myself as a husband, father & friend. Always working to be better in all that I do. https://t.co/V71oK0ZKYu

  66. BEST: playing for such a great organization while getting to know all of the beautifully diverse personalities https://t.co/5KCPL4cnCT

  67. Video: Hunter Pence Is James Bond

  68. Critical Mistake Each Team Must Avoid in Offseason

  69. Sorry to hear that. I'd suggest seeing a specialist in that field that's what I did to figure out what was ailing me https://t.co/XPEy335Fkv

  70. I love giving back to the community & will always stay involved w/ the #SFGiants, but I don't plan to coach https://t.co/RngtiJavq9

  71. Teams Most Likely to Score Monster Offseason Hauls

  72. 5 Teams That Could Trade for Aroldis

  73. I can't swing it like #MadBum but I'd love to see you out there & offer up pointers from a pitcher's perspective https://t.co/ouD6TjLb2y

  74. It's time! On #GivingTuesday, Jr. Giants commissioner Noah Lowry is answering your questions. Use #SFGivingTuesday https://t.co/510sBIVAcX

  75. Report: Giants Sign Crawford to 6-Yr/$75M Extension

  76. Crawford's Big-Money Extension Is a Win-Win

  77. The #Dodgers tax bill: Record $43.7 million. #Yankees, #RedSox and #SFGiants also exceed the $189M luxury tax. https://t.co/a7j6zthrVt

  78. With @SFGiants in search of rotation help, can Clayton Blackburn be the new Chris Heston? https://t.co/gAvwLWWw6D https://t.co/Spi32RzegK