1. Makes sense, though, because the Lewis book had no good guys. #thebigshort

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  3. Report: SF Among Teams Showing Most Interest in Price

  4. Obama Honors Mays with Medal of Freedom

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  6. Wow. They made a movie out of "The Big Short?" Most important Michael Lewis book. But trailer doesn't look anything like book.

  7. Interesting comment from @nickcafardo in today's column: Said Lester "ruled out" #sfgiants first among finalists because did not feel . . .

  8. ... The Bay Area was a fit, after spending two months with the A's# #sfgiants

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  11. Report: Giants Interested in John Lackey

  12. Good read from @susanslusser: Chaplains for Bay Area sports teams tend to players’ spiritual needs https://t.co/wIEBg5OboC via @sfchronicle

  13. No. Only one pitcher will get that much. https://t.co/edzHhL9psj

  14. I'm skeptical on Leake return because the #sfgiants are not pursuing him pre-emptively, aggressively. https://t.co/cFfM7Rpb19

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  18. Yes. They reward their own guys after players show they're a fit and like being in SF. https://t.co/qmEzWL8RV7

  19. Don't see #sfgiants spending $200m on a pitcher, or anyone. Else from the outside. https://t.co/BrVEhNEUTm

  20. . . . two bad years n a row will start hurting the, I'm the wallet. I think they'll be aggressive on one of the to arms, though not Price.

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  24. I understand #sfgiants' fans skepticism on if starters. Team deserves it. But they know they must seriously upgrade staff because . . .

  25. I'm also skeptical of reports #sfgiants "doing background work" on Price. I've done "background" on buying Porsche. https://t.co/aPU4deOKlV

  26. Nothing will drive down price of anybody in this market. https://t.co/Md4ZAmDQFC

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  30. I think #sfgiants will offer Greinke competitive deal. Don't know if it'll be highest. https://t.co/aPU4deOKlV

  31. Perhaps that is his $ ceiling. Just saying he'd have more bidders after bigger names sign. https://t.co/h6V1MUm9KE

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  34. Yes, Einstein of Twitter, I'm a Cal guy who's a Stanford homer. There are lots of us, right, @susanslusser? https://t.co/0yWoBAQAjK

  35. I'd put Zimmermann in the 1-A class of starters in market. For him to sign 1st, guessing he targeted team, location. https://t.co/iywdU9F7nE

  36. Report: Giants, Dodgers Interested in Shelby Miller

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  38. Guy like Zimmermann could get more $ waiting for trickle-down from Price, Greinke, as losing bidders turn to next tier.

  39. Would have thought he'd pass $22m AAV. Wonder if being a Midwest guy related to quick sign? https://t.co/QFh1qILelQ

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  41. Crawford Calls Long-Term Deal 'Easy Decision'

  42. Zobrist #Mets’ No. 1 target, sources say. #Nationals also in, along with #Braves, #SFGiants, others. #Royals not expected to offer same $$$.

  43. First, he is. But he's also best RB/WR/KR in the country, and it's not close. https://t.co/YwbbrTWheq

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  45. Video: Hunter Pence Is James Bond

  46. McCaffrey deserves to win in a runaway. Hasn't been a triple-threat player like him for decades. But he won't. https://t.co/DgktNsnVqr

  47. Mountains of Marin Count, as seen from San Mateo County. https://t.co/v0ujcRuhtZ

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  50. 2016 #SFGiants are now on sale! https://t.co/j81kN0Nt4M https://t.co/ndbWkn2i1e

  51. Better question: why do,we still have "beauty pageants?" https://t.co/DNE0phPik4

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  54. The incredible journey of @MM_Duffy and his memorable rookie year. A Must Watch for #SFGiants fans https://t.co/WonSsLBgjj

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  57. Happy Birthday @robbnen31! #SmokeOnTheWater #ForeverGiant #SFGiants https://t.co/lKSHpoM0Ub

  58. Happy Birthday Rags! #SFGiants https://t.co/RbGU3hVNOL

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  61. In The McCovey Chroncast #4, @Every6thDay & @moonwalkmcfly take on Grant. It doesn't go well https://t.co/XbNhp23gEC https://t.co/s7riGGdwIP

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  64. #SFGiants Holiday 6-Packs include a #MadBum Nutcracker, while supplies last https://t.co/si124rGRQA https://t.co/4Mn1HhZq4a

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  67. I highly recommend. Good baseball book. https://t.co/qZ7D0q8jkq

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