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  5. Happy Birthday @Starlingmart Retweet this to wish Starling a Happy Birthday! #BuccoBirthdays http://t.co/GxNueP6UxR

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  24. Just for the record yea Arrieta had 11Ks to 10 for Bumgarner & Arrieta didn’t walk anyone, Bumgarner walked 1. But Arrieta hit 2 guys.

  25. This, um, resourceful(?) Pirates fan fixed his '2015 World Champs' tattoo. http://t.co/liEaMwuptw http://t.co/pmaZfOnN4c

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  29. Got a Ray Searage beer tonight. After drinking it I fully expect to throw 6 shutout innings in my next start. http://t.co/wJE9YmbrCE

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  41. TBS should take notes from FOX on how to present the relevant info in a box in the corner.

  42. Video: Schwarber Hits HR into Allegheny River

  43. Wow. Inning-by-inning strategy to annoy the pitcher. They want fans to "Arrrrr" like a pirate, call Arrieta "Jakey." https://twitter.com/BKSportsTalk/status/651916270460231680 ...

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  49. The Cubs enter the NLDS against the Cardinals with the help of 29-year-old pitcher Jake Arrieta, who pitched a complete game shutout against the Pirates last night. This will be the Cubs first postseason win since 2003. Photograph by: Fred Vuich @fvuich @cubs @jakearrieta49