1. 10/8/1999: The #Astros lose a heartbreaking 12-inning affair to the Braves, 5-3, at the Dome in NLDS Game 3 http://t.co/T9t2ZdlKnc

  2. Gomez is available and will start tomorrow. They just have to be careful with him. That's probably way it will be rest of playoffs.

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  8. Astros ALDS roster is set for Royals: pic.twitter.com/CDlZw0R980

  9. Hinch said Conger will be used in a backup role this series. Don't expect him to start.

  10. Hinch said Altuve was feeling effects of hard slide in New York, but he's not limited.

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  14. “Today wasn’t the day for him to start. He’ll come off the bench. I know he’ll ask to go in the game from the 2nd inning on.” #Astros

  15. On Gomez: “We’ll see if he’s available tonight. We’re being cautious. He’s one swing, one torque away from things not going our way.”

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  19. Hinch on Carlos Gomez, who is out of tonight’s starting lineup: “Gomez is still getting treatment. This guy is battling through.“ #Astros

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  25. Jake Marisnick is playing CF and batting 9th for Astros in ALDS Game 1. Carlos Gomez is out with oblique injury.... http://t.co/8k4H7mviwR

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  31. Hinch liked Tucker against a dominant RH bullpen of KC.

  32. Gonzalez is more comfortable batting RH than LH still because of wrist

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  34. Hinch said tough decision on Qualls. Seemed to indicate it came down to him and Fields. He liked Fields' velocity.

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  37. Gomez to play tomorrow. Hinch said he felt it in game in New York. Gomez available today.

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  42. Adrian Beltre left with injury for the Rangers. How bad does that hurt if it's serious? #astros

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