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  14. Images like this are what come to mind when we hear "Black Friday". Double-tap if you agree. #Os50from15

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  34. I'm thankful for this kid right here. Provides love and much-needed perspective on daily basis. I'm blessed https://t.co/nCuWK0sRcM

  35. Caught up in my own world, forgot annual crucial story from the Sun and buddy @kdunnsun https://t.co/GsCbN11Nh6 Happy Tgiving & #LetsGoHall

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  49. Old Bay pie may be a thing, I don’t know, but if the Orioles had a recipe it would be: 1. Get a pie crust 2. DUMP SOME OLD BAY ON IT

  50. Sorry to see my man @danconnollysun leaving the baseball beat in Baltimore. He's one of the best.

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  52. Report: Orioles Interested in Pirates' Walker

  53. The Orioles are reportedly interested in free agent Yovani Gallardo. https://t.co/bzAcdQ1dy5 https://t.co/BTXgkxUtXT

  54. The Orioles are reportedly interested in free agent Yovani Gallardo. gallhttp://thesco.re/1OhtnIm https://t.co/IR2Vf4MOxl

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  65. Now on https://t.co/jXD28tx7P8 O's committed all year in fight against hunger https://t.co/PkdP0V6h3Y #orioles

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  69. The #Orioles have interest in free-agent starter Yovani Gallardo. https://t.co/JFZgJ22vTw https://t.co/IjMo3PZMxh

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  73. Absolutely, And buy it as a holiday gift for a loved one. Family's gotta eat!! https://t.co/o2T5I2s4UU

  74. Norris made $8.8 million this season. Didn't get the big FA payday https://t.co/z7RXnf6Xzo

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  77. Made $8.8 million in 2015 in his last year of arb eligibility before becoming free agent this offseason. #Orioles https://t.co/Wg0TMrK9DM

  78. Former #orioles pitcher now with #braves. https://t.co/EqSMlpqHYa