1. bruce always has great notes (though i disagree on the kershaw call by mattingly being wrong) https://t.co/sD4qEsOXDt

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  10. TBS: #Cubs vs #Cardinals got more viewers yesterday than #Dodgers vs #Mets (2 largest US markets). There was that 9:45 ET start in LA.

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  16. Most important thing about Kiké Hernandez isn't that he's starting tonight in CF. It's that his hover board has a built-in stereo

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  29. Kiki Hernandez replaces Joc Pederson in CF; Seager batting second at SS; Kendrick leads off.

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  33. 99 degrees at 1 p.m. PT Saturday atop Dodger Stadium. http://t.co/psVqrQMC39

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  41. It's yes or no, but with a twist. CLICK the LINK for details and be entered to win a "Win For Vin" t-shirt! http://t.co/oRjKOliwAj

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  46. Lots going on in LA today. Plan on arriving early tonight! Consider carpooling or using the Dodger Stadium Express. Visit Dodgers.com/transportation for more information.

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  49. Plan to arrive early tonight! Consider carpooling or using the Dodger Stadium Express: http://t.co/moOz3L2pKt http://t.co/ldQBPp5Ykh

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