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  6. Hey @RedSox, when you guys make the offer to @DAVIDprice14, can I be the guy who backs up the money truck to his house?

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  11. Red Sox don't have to replace Hanley's bat if they trade him. After April 29, he hit .238 with a .644 OPS. Red Sox still 4th in MLB in runs.

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  13. Red Sox fans label every trade/FA target "not tough enough for Boston". Like the only way they'd be happy is if the Red Sox signed @TheRock.

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  25. No fan of Notre Dame, but Irish deserve respect for schedule. Played at Virginia, Clemson, Pitt, Temple and Stanford and BC at Fenway.

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  41. #OTD in 1958, the #RedSox sign 19-year old Carl Yastrzemski to a $100,000 bonus. https://t.co/FxhquTLRfE

  42. Snow cone anyone? #WeekOfBrock #BrockStar 

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  50. Big Papi Pancake! Made for @charitywater Good luck in 2016, @davidortiz https://my.charitywater.org/brady-phelps/pancakes-for-clean-water ... pic.twitter.com/ck9Pkio9zJ

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  52. Man, that box set can't get here fast enough.

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  56. Also, @PeteAbe brings up a good point. Tickets go on sale December 12. Would think the Red Sox would want David Price wrapped up by then.

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  76. My son just asked me if movie 'Creed' was about the guy from 'Office' So wrong, yet so right