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  11. Uh oh. https://t.co/0SjyoZwagb

  12. Lackey agreed to clause in $82.5m Red Sox deal that he'd play for minimum for one year if he needed TJ surgery, which he did.

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  16. One day, I'll tell my kids about how the most legendary baseball writer of all-time told me to grow up for making an accurate observation.

  17. Your lede in that last tweet also made me read entire 120 characters. Masterful https://t.co/PSD6B3E0ww

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  25. The Red Sox effectively traded Lackey and Lester for Kelly, Craig and Porcello, who hasn't even started his $20M+/yr. contract extension.

  26. Said it before: sign Lester in March, '14 then Lackey doesn't ask to be traded, Red Sox actually contend with pair in '15

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  29. John Lackey now facing his good friend, Jon Lester, teammates from the #RedSox 2013 World Series team.

  30. #Padres offseason page is now ready ... http://t.co/Z1NHhEpyiI Next up ... #Tigers #Mariners #WhiteSox #RedSox #Dbacks

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  33. Josh Fields isn't perfect, but he's the kind of power arm the Red Sox could use in their pen. Let him go in Rule 5 in 2012.

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  36. It's funny because he's fat. https://t.co/CV2nJVptxn

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  44. 99 years ago today, Red Sox & Dodgers played a 14-inning World Series game. Winning pitcher: Babe Ruth who threw 14 innings.

  45. Honestly, Costas has been just as bad as Blue Jays fans for getting overexcited on balls hit to the warning track.

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  47. I'm over this game, guys. Wrap it up. @BlueJays @Rangers

  48. Chris Colabello, of the Milford, MA Colabellos, leads off the 12th w/ his 2nd hit of game. Not a bad @MLB post-season debut, eh? @BlueJays