1. Cubs, Cardinals, Giants, Dodgers, and Red Sox all showing serious interest in David Price https://t.co/cdMJyTGl6y

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  6. Good luck New Bedford High against Durfee tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving, all.

  7. My favorite Blue Jays fans are the ones saying Price won't sign here because Red Sox fans have a "poor reputation". https://t.co/a54fDfDV1n

  8. Ortiz took steps to patch it up with @ChrisArcher42 and surely that got back to Price. Other factors, IMO, bigger hurdles. Boston, $$, etc.

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  12. The @davidortiz/@DAVIDprice14 feud, while bitter at the time, can be overcome because both are good guys and Ortiz knows #RedSox need Price

  13. The Red Sox, Cardinals, Cubs, Giants and Dodgers are all in the hunt for David Price: https://t.co/GihgY2idOH https://t.co/XCDsSkKtk1

  14. #Cubs, #stlcards, #Dodgers, #RedSox and #SFGiants reportedly showing most interest in David Price. Read more: https://t.co/ak3yv4GpJn

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  18. @brock_holt does it all in the infield, laying it out for a diving catch in spring 2014! #WeekOfBrock 

  19. In summary, if you're reading all of the recent reports, David Price will be signing with both the Red Sox and Blue Jays at the same time.

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  25. Peter Gammons says he's heard from "a half-dozen GMs" who think the Red Sox will end up with David Price. https://t.co/Zi51WevT2N

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  27. Clemens Would Want Red Sox Hat in HOF

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  29. If you're looking for a show to watch, "Master of None" with @azizansari on @netflix is funny and smart.

  30. Report: 'High expectation' Red Sox will generate highest offer to David Price. https://t.co/ElHAskHBG1 https://t.co/5rVpaM8hZN

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  33. Webster went from the Dodgers to the Red Sox in the Crawford-Gonzalez-Beckett trade, then from Boston to the D-backs in the Wade Miley deal.

  34. Which free-agent pitcher is the safest bet for #RedSox? I asked two longtime scouts. Column: https://t.co/Y0oi70OqE5 https://t.co/Qdx5LyWh2U

  35. Big Papi Pancake! Made for @charitywater Good luck in 2016, @davidortiz https://my.charitywater.org/brady-phelps/pancakes-for-clean-water ... pic.twitter.com/ck9Pkio9zJ

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  37. Today's column: Red Sox viewed as the most formidable bidding force for David Price -- but is that enough? https://t.co/IlOSVyswXY + links.

  38. Report: Red Sox will generate highest offer to David Price https://t.co/muuQMHjrUF https://t.co/ptEKHEfaJE

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  41. John Farrell: Adding Greinke, Price would be like having 2 turkeys at Thanksgiving. https://t.co/2GlUPLnQkB https://t.co/yglf1a2oHC

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  44. John Farrell on Hot Stove Show: Winter ball still up in air for Hanley Ramirez https://t.co/kO1SjNNJMv

  45. As Farrell explained on Hot Stove Show, it looks like Jackie Bradley Jr. is on target to be Red Sox’ center fielder https://t.co/hiamALapg9

  46. It's Been a 'Hell of a Ride' for Big Papi

  47. John Farrell on David Ortiz: pic.twitter.com/2hjgHY4OdM

  48. "Blue Monster" unveiled by Red Sox partner @JetBlue at Boston's Logan Airport (H/T @adamtvaccaro) https://t.co/G2bdDONgoV

  49. Bradley Jr. will be Red Sox center fielder next season https://t.co/bY9uhAtGrk https://t.co/XI9ds64XZ0

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  52. Expect the @RedSox to pursue an ace. But which one? https://t.co/WC61loJRRw #HotStove pres. by @KayJewelers https://t.co/teJxMMCP0V

  53. Beautiful sunset on Fenway Park before the BC vs. Notre Dame game (Getty) WEEKS BEST :https://t.co/82Fs3ntik7 https://t.co/jJY87HYRJT

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  56. Being left of the Boston list is one thing, but I won't stand for being left off the Maine list! https://t.co/bZwfJ3WFaj

  57. Farrell on Hot Stove Show says JBJ likely the CF with current alignment of outfielders @WEEI

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  60. Farrell on WEEI says Bradley will play CF for #RedSox with Betts in RF and Castillo in LF.

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  64. Clearly @GlobeChadFinn is a great humanitarian, a credit to the state of Maine and possessor of a fine jump-shot: https://t.co/ATLsp4M293

  65. Hot Stove Show at 9 tonight. John Farrell will join our posse @WEEI @jtomase @MutWEEI

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  68. #WeekOfBrock: What does it take to play 7 different positions? Some gym time for starters. #BrockStar 

  69. One-time #RedSox prospect. Traded with Melancon for Joel Hanrahan and Brock Holt. https://t.co/g5Pugn2NWu

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  72. At this moment, Red Sox do not have any free agent visits scheduled. As reminder, this was time last year Lester made his visits.

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  76. My apologies. No chat today. We will make up for it by answering all the questions verbally https://t.co/WCwGqNn2QT

  77. Only 8 hours, 22 minutes until another Hot Stove Show. John Farrell will be joining us @WEEI @jtomase @MutWEEI