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  2. Live: Rangers vs. Blue Jays ALDS Game 1

  3. Adrian Beltre can barely move, still trying to loosen his back behind 2B. He's leaving game.

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  6. We're through 3 in Canada & the Rangers lead, 2-0. #LetsGoRangers http://t.co/C41eXJpTta

  7. 9 up, 9 down for Yovani Gallardo & the @Rangers #ALDSonFS1 #Postseason

  8. Rangers to Start Martin Perez in Game 3

  9. Tulo (Shoulder) Bats 5th in Game 1

  10. May want to get Joey Gallo on a plane from Arizona. Just in case. Of course, replacing Adrian Beltre means he'd be out for possible ALCS.

  11. May want to get Joey Gallo on a plan from Arizona. Just in case. Of course, replacing Adrian Beltre means he'd be out for possible ALCS.

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  15. Right away, a grounder to Hanser Alberto. He picks it and throws out Russell Martin for first out of BlueJays' third.

  16. You know that when Adrian Beltre leaves a game, it's bad. He can barely walk, let alone run the bases or move at third base.

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  20. Hanser Alberto comes in for Beltre at 3rd in the bottom of the 3rd.

  21. Adrian Beltre one of the great players ever. Almost had to be ordered off the field. Can barely walk. Future Hall of Famer. @Rangers

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  25. Beltre is coming out of game.

  26. There's no way Adrian Beltre can stay in the game, and he's walking off. Hanser Alberto will be the #Rangers' third baseman.

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  29. I know, right? https://t.co/Kd1i0aB2VQ

  30. Banister back out on field again. I think Beltre has got to come out. Alberto not field yet, though

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  32. Tulo Ready to Contribute Despite Lingering Soreness

  33. Guessing he's having spasms when he moves and they kind of ease off when more still.

  34. 2-0 #Rangers on Beltre single. Twice Texas started runners from first, twice that put RISP.

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  37. He remains in game.

  38. ADRIAN! Adrian Beltre RBI single giving the @Rangers the 2-0 lead over the Blue Jays in the 3rd #ALDSonFS1 #postseason

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  41. Adrian Beltre stays in. Prince Fielder better homer for Adrian Beltre to get around the bases.

  42. Another run for the @Rangers! Adrian Beltre with a RBI single for the 2-0 lead over the Blue Jays in the 3rd. #ALDSonFS1 #postseason

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  45. RBI single for Adrian Beltre, but he can barely run to first base. #Rangers up 2-0, but may have to exit the game.

  46. Beltre singles home a run. And back seizes up on him. He is hurt.

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  49. Beltre barely made it to first. Could have been thrown out.

  50. BELTRE with a clutch RBI single to score Delino. Rangers 2, Blue Jays 0 in the 3rd. #LetsGoRangers