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  13. Career ERA for David Price in AL East parks: Fenway 1.95, the Trop 2.89, Camden Yards 3.24, Yankee Stadium 3.27, Rogers Centre 3.34

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  18. Remember when Jose Contreras' 4-year, $32 deal with the Yankees made Lucchino call NYY the Evil Emipre? Boston will pay Price $31M per year.

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  37. On this date in 1954, the #Yankees acquired Don Larsen in the largest trade in baseball history. The fit? Perfect.

  38. On this date in 1954, the #Yankees acquired Don Larsen in the largest trade in baseball history. The fit? Perfect. https://t.co/HguxFphiNO

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  61. About payroll:Only Astros had lower payroll than NYM for playoff teams & they beat a team NYY more than 2x NYM payroll quality not quantity

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  66. Is it baseball season yet? Today is the last day to get 50 percent off select 2016 individual games using your MasterCard. http://atmlb.com/1MZFhCl

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  69. Today is the last day to get 50% off select 2016 individual games using your MasterCard. https://t.co/1LKgfMDqDY https://t.co/aS2wiDKig8

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  78. No more questions about turkey, please. Anything else, fire away - time to dig in for a Cyber Monday edition of the #YankeesInbox.