1. If you're a fan of any team, you've been there...but probably not as often. https://t.co/0wjIzzA0T1

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  7. Tonight's MNF finish reminded me of this: https://t.co/MDnlkv1z2i which reminded me I'm old.

  8. The Browns...

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  12. Mariners interested in free agent outfielder NoriĀ Aoki https://t.co/atg5qkyn7Y

  13. Report: Mariners showing interest in Nori Aoki https://t.co/dDqLfaoC7L https://t.co/9cTIXfoUe8

  14. Confirmed report by @TNT_Mariners that Mariners interested in free-agent OF Nori Aoki. https://t.co/XzjVHUBMDG https://t.co/F7LWkOHNIS

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  18. Decent option as he'd probably come cheap, but not a high impact player. I'm sure he's one of many possible targets. https://t.co/cWX47Pm2n0

  19. Not necessarily. https://t.co/4oRTy4CPhD

  20. Mariners Have Interest In Nori Aoki https://t.co/lqdQhE56rA https://t.co/HqJpKlkivX

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  24. If you've ever been to Cleveland, you know how much those folks (want to) love the Browns. And every year, they get this sad slop. Not fair.

  25. That's the prevailing opinion among scouts on Aoki, too. https://t.co/Z5aF65wGQi

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  29. #Mariners showing interest in free-agent outfielder Nori Aoki. https://t.co/kamFHxx1rn https://t.co/Rp0Yi1mhZt

  30. Here's the latest Mariners Inbox, answering your questions about Cano and numerous other topics. https://t.co/r5CVZWhp4D

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  33. Today @SkibaScubaShop started a series on trying to understand sports and himself a little better. I quite like it. https://t.co/cQK6CT1UcS

  34. The fans take the field at #Mariners FanFest on January 30 & 31. Tickets are now on sale. https://t.co/65WSdDBP2m https://t.co/Z9p3GJ9Y9o

  35. Cano Back to Bronx? Don't Count on It

  36. M's Sign Veteran C Iannetta to 1-Year Deal

  37. Taking questions for this week's Mariners Inbox. Tweet me here or email greg.johns@mlb.com. Make sure to include name and hometown!

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  40. Be #TrueToTheBlue with a #Mariners holiday sweater. Available at all Mariners Team Stores. For locations, visit Mariners.com/TeamStore.

  41. On smallness: origins https://t.co/pSHhv705p6 https://t.co/UIbAMbdVmX

  42. Mariners Add Hampton, Candaele to Staff

  43. Cano's Agent Denies He Wants Out of SEA

  44. Tickets now on sale for Mariners FanFest (Jan. 30-31) on https://t.co/P2s8zKUHYG. https://t.co/pY8lKxHWzb

  45. Except for Dipoto, who has considerably revamped his roster prior to the Winter Meetings. https://t.co/pfwLdH4QW1

  46. Takeaways from Early Hot Stove Chatter

  47. Griffey Turns 46: 'The Kid' Through the Years

  48. FanFest tickets are now on sale at Team Store and https://t.co/1uotsF0sAS. Jan. 30&31 at Safeco Field. Players attending not yet announced.

  49. Brewers Trade SS Sardinas to Mariners

  50. Mariners DFA Former No. 2 Overall Pick Hultzen

  51. From Holiday Bundles to FanFest tickets, find the perfect gift for #Mariners fans. https://t.co/aZ8U2T9yc7 https://t.co/0UW539bCRB

  52. My kids love it and I bet yours will too. https://t.co/ix09MoPMe8

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  55. Love it when we get @GawlowskiB's knowledge of the game on the site. Good look at Mike Montgomery here. https://t.co/pSSYaF9FNv

  56. Mike Montgomery may fit better in the bullpen, from @GawlowskiB: https://t.co/qyhrC1JizB https://t.co/8XF1WxDrjB

  57. Former M's Coach Rips Cano: 'Worst I've Ever Seen'

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  59. Many thanks to Jerry Dipoto for a relaxing holiday. Now ready for trades, Iwakuma, easy content, etc.

  60. Wait...that's our line. https://t.co/NKWhgP1XcW

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  63. Maybe, but those guys aren't bad at darts. We'll see. https://t.co/CVSSDABcxe

  64. Projects Washington in Fort Worth for Armed Forces Bowl; has Washington State in Las Vegas Bowl. https://t.co/fa3f6Cdm81

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  67. That is the first game a dominant team with a big first half lead has ever lost to injury attrition and questionable officiating.

  68. The Ghost of Buckner continues to haunt the entire region of New England.

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  70. M's Acquire OF Martin from Rangers in 5-Player Deal

  71. When will the city of Boston and its great fans catch a break?

  72. Try using that logic when your wife gets annoyed at you. https://t.co/imN82RFPgC

  73. M's Hire Sports Psychologist to Run Farm System

  74. Joaquin Benoit and the Jerry Dipoto Plan

  75. Can make a great case for Raines, but he's at 47.8% in our interactive online balloting. https://t.co/cY6cMV96JL https://t.co/Vy6EohXDis

  76. Have heard nothing to suggest they will spend that type of money. Have heard just the opposite. https://t.co/aHcVqN5cri