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  30. Just re-watched the tape. It's clear Cam Newton somehow missed the Seattle end-of-game controversy (go to 4:10) http://t.co/aq7e9OyNO0

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  33. Final practice before the bye.

  34. Josh Norman was going to go to Bahamas for bye. Teddy Williams told him was shut down b/c storm. "I don't know how you shut down Bahamas."

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  37. Panthers quarterback plans to spend the rest of the bye week getting his body rested and attending his brother's... http://t.co/QDZOrQzRZh

  38. The officials for Pats-Cowboys on Sunday. It's Clete Blakeman's first Pats game since the Panthers MNF game in 2013 http://t.co/HQH43Vq4oE

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  45. Norman was brought to tears today talking about his struggles in his earlier years.

  46. Today's media session w/ Josh Norman: Sustaining success. Tears about his struggles. Next Denzel Washington. Lots of laughs. J-No being J-No

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  49. Pretty sure Josh Norman just jokingly offered to bribe the independent doctor for Luke Kuechly with gummy bears.

  50. The reason you didn't hear from any Panthers media for 20 minutes is because Josh Norman just held court.