1. It's StephFest this week in Charlotte. https://t.co/mbh9Mg03PY

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  6. #LatePost: Panthers beat Cowboys 33-14 to improve to 11-0. Do the Panthers have what it takes to win the Super Bowl this year??

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  14. "I'm happy to be here. I want to be part of this." : https://t.co/Cg1PLvKYQk https://t.co/nHWN0LKbSB

  15. NFL Power Rankings Heading into Week 13

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  36. Living metaphor: Chargers chairman Dean Spanos & Panthers owner Jerry Richardson (who has difficulty walking) walked thru hotel arm-in-arm.

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  43. Cam Turns Up with Future Onstage at Concert

  44. The @Bengals are sitting at number 3 in our power rankings, right behind the @Panthers and @Patriots

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  46. Turner Ready to 'Encourage the Hate' in NO

  47. Josh Norman, the emerging star, pretends to be a different movie character each game. The NFL's Daniel Day Lewis: https://t.co/EjnHdsWdzO

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  53. Lotulelei, Addison Diagnosed with Ankle Sprains

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  57. Panthers Stay Perfect with 33-14 Win vs. Cowboys

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  63. Kuechly (2 INTs) Wins All-Iron Award

  64. Kuechly, D Dominate Cowboys on Thanksgiving

  65. Panthers' Graham Gano makes point of ignoring stats, but season could be historic. @jjones9 https://t.co/PFYpnDM3k6 https://t.co/0YEgqwNbPj

  66. "[Greg Olsen], right now, is the best tight end…in the National Football League." @MarcasG https://t.co/mLwaweiX7U

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  69. VIDEO: Security guard chokes Panthers fan https://t.co/bIQPNGKwdQ

  70. Carolina Panthers made reference calls on 'dirty' DB Cortland Finnegan. @jjones9 story: https://t.co/dtfvTFFyAX https://t.co/xgYf9krFs7

  71. Newton 228 Yds & TD, Olsen 70 Yds, Stewart 77 Yds

  72. Video Highlights from Panthers-Cowboys

  73. By the way, you have no idea how many photos there are of Josh Norman doing the Maximus pose. https://t.co/gHz8htORqx

  74. Panthers' Josh Norman pretends to be movie characters during games. Seriously. https://t.co/RO4O28hsBF https://t.co/j42lK7UBJ1