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  6. Not bad, @dloading!  VIDEO: D'Angelo Russell throws out the first pitch at Dodger Stadium https://t.co/9VwBqGiVNK

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  11. Slowcooker pulled pork sandwiches. #dinner https://t.co/XLncYVXBXj

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  21. Anyways, give my take on Huertas a read: http://t.co/C0Df99WFTF Think he's a nice signing for a LAL team that was looking for a vet PG.

  22. Tough to say, though. A lot riding on camp for these end of the roster guys.

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  26. If Huertas' deal is fully guaranteed, it could mean the team cuts multiple guys to keep flexibility and have an open roster spot.

  27. The non-guaranteed guys are Tarik Black and Jabari Brown who are both liked by the Lakers. Would think Tarik is safer bet than Jabari.

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  30. Tough to know how the roster shakes out. The partial guarantees are for very minimal $. Those guys could easily get cut w/o any issues.

  31. Lakers' roster breakdown (incl. Huertas): 17 players 2 non-guaranteed 2 partial guarantted 12 fully guaranteed Huertas' contract unknown

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  38. Will have some thoughts on Huertas soon. Finishing up the write up shortly...

  39. Huertas, huh? Well, well, well...

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  42. Lakers sign Marcelo Huertas to one-year contract, reports @WojYahooNBA http://t.co/HWcbtngd7S http://t.co/KPQgJvJk9O

  43. REPORT: Lakers sign Marcelo Huertas to a one-year deal. http://t.co/KkuUdx4UpV http://t.co/BnzYkMjhEH

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