1. Kobe Bryant returns to Philadelphia one last time tonight https://t.co/rzNJPBJyKD https://t.co/XPdVU4dpg0

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  3. Oral History of Kobe's Final Year in High School

  4. KD to Media: You Treated Kobe Like S--t

  5. I know some media actually don't like Kobe. I know plenty who do. To think this doesn't inform individual coverage of Kobe is silly, yes?

  6. DeMarcus Cousins had plenty of good things to say about Kobe Bryant. Said he talked to him a lot this past summer.

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  9. The Indians invited @kobebryant to Spring Training (photo: @Indians) https://t.co/pDXRsWbZd7 https://t.co/NFflhQpbis

  10. No one, not even Kobe, would write love letters to basketball after this Clippers-Blazers game

  11. Kobe Bryant's retirement could open new vistas and bring new hope for Lakers https://t.co/PvykVrkEJu

  12. Jeanie Buss Would Love to See Kobe Become a Coach

  13. MWP Has Kobe Sign Retirement Letter

  14. It's time for u to take it all in... sit back, relax & enjoy all that u have built. Love u lil bro @kobebryant pic.twitter.com/zDcNjWHBDp

  15. This artwork here, by #allanpachino, is quite impressive. Kobe made from salt: https://t.co/18hxjTzhfg

  16. Check out Chick Hearn correctly predicting Kobe's career length in a pregame interview https://t.co/OxyJzKTeaP https://t.co/CiCUkpbaPJ

  17. Looking forward to Sixers vs Lakers. Home team has been playing well just need to close out. #Kobe greatness admired. Moses remembered #Tues

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  20. Kobe: MJ Was Among First to Know of My Plans

  21. Don't expect Doc Rivers to be sentimental about Kobe Bryant's Lakers exit https://t.co/kRe0V6Hudi

  22. Tonight In Philly: Kobe Bryant stopped by Larry’s Steaks on the campus of St. Joesph's University to get a bite to eat. _____________________________  Captured by @tommymatera _____________________________ ▪️The coaching staff from Lower Merion High will make a special presentation to Kobe at the game tomorrow. There will be nearly 300 students from his high school also in attendance. _____________________________ #philadelphia #lowermerionhighschool #lakers #lakeshow #lalakers #lakergang #lakernation #lakersnation #losangeleslakers #accesssportsnetlakers #purpleandgold #nba
#kobe #lakersworld16 #ballislife #blackmamba @twcsportsnet @miketrudell #kobebryant

  23. Link to #Sixers stories, column on Kobe Bryant's final game in Philadelphia and videos: https://t.co/lLzOusbaVc #NBA

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  26. As Kobe Bryant returns home, his old coach urges Philadelphia to give him proper sendoff: https://t.co/0PuOkGmHl3 https://t.co/snOyd3TN6j

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  28. Kobe Announces He Will Retire at End of This Season

  29. Dirk Nowitzki has reached 10,000 career FG; 13th player to do so, ranks 4th among active players (Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan)

  30. Kobe Bryant is hanging them up after this season...The NBA will never be the same #MambaOut

  31. Lakers Fans Give Thanks to Retiring 'Ko-be'

  32. Our very own Charles Barkley spoke to #Gametime about the impact Kobe Bryant has had on the NBA. https://t.co/cVtKhDJhbH

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  35. Kobe's Poem on Players' Tribune: 'Body Knows It's Time to Say Goodbye'

  36. ‘Bleed Purple and Gold’ shirt is back! https://t.co/5wZanZVijH https://t.co/1i4ehTY3Nl

  37. Kobe Bryant stopped at Larry's today for cheese steaks. He usually gets it w/ just ketchup, no onions or cheese

  38. Becks Pays Tribute to Retiring Kobe

  39. Kobe's letter to fans. pic.twitter.com/9XldXhfzmO

  40. Paul George: "Kobe was my Jordan"

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  42. Oh Yeah, There Was a Game: Pacers Top Lakers 107-103

  43. @easymoneysniper on how the media has handled @kobebryant this year. Couldn't agree more, props to Durant for speaking his mind #respect #kobe

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  47. ICYMI, my thoughts on Kobe making it official that this season will be his last: https://t.co/LVa3o4Biwz

  48. Goodrich wore No. 25, so it's retired. https://t.co/YmKXQNbChi

  49. Byron Scott on Kobe: "We talked about it last night. As I told him, he kind of shocked me when he told me. Just sad more than anything."

  50. Ticket Prices Climb After Kobe's Retirement News

  51. This has been mentioned before, but I'm predicting No. 24 will be retired and No. 8 will never be worn again.

  52. Where does Kobe Bryant rank among the all-time greats? Let's discuss: https://t.co/RBlMmlCVGK https://t.co/puiGhA0Otp

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  54. You know you're a big deal when the commissioner weighs in. Adam Silver, on Kobe's retirement: pic.twitter.com/VvSZhPovwr

  55. For those of you wondering now, Kobe Bryant's preference is No. 24, according to a report back in 2013.

  56. Mariano Rivera, Kobe and realizing when your time comes. @SI_LeeJenkins on Kobe’s retirement https://t.co/NR9TM6WNs8 https://t.co/0rXzyiO4tb

  57. Blazers Hand Lakers 5th Straight Loss with 108-96 Win

  58. #NBA column: Will #Sixers fans boo or cheer Kobe Bryant in Philadelphia finale? https://t.co/XYgEu9xLxz #76ers @PhilaPhans #Lakers

  59. Everyone is tweeting 'both,' which defeats the purpose of my poll. Ha.

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  61. Highlights from Lakers vs. Blazers

  62. With this being Kobe's final season, what number should Lakers retire?

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  66. The 10 sides to Kobe Bryant as told by Kobe Bryant (by @BenGolliver) https://t.co/W14TiM6XPz https://t.co/eA6198zimJ

  67. How fans feel about Kobe retiring! This hilarious video is by Wayne Colley on Facebook. Click the link in my bio to see the entire video. __________________________ #lakers #lakeshow #lalakers #lakergang #lakernation #lakersnation #losangeleslakers #accesssportsnetlakers #purpleandgold #nba
#kobe #lakersworld16 #ballislife #blackmamba @twcsportsnet @miketrudell #kobebryant

  68. Scott Says He Tries to Block Out 'Angry Fans'

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  70. Repost @houseofhighlights: Kevin Durant on the criticism of Kobe: "You guys treated one of our legends like sh** and I didn't really like it" (via Anthonyvslater/Twitter)

  71. What I’ll miss when Kobe Bryant officially retires, by @TheRealSuki. https://t.co/ZxhAe8qbuK https://t.co/JdtcTXJhXY