1. I wrote this 2 years ago about LO when reports surfaced he was dealing w/ addiction. http://t.co/tCxsgCPWI6 Every word still holds for me.

  2. Scott: Kobe's Knee 'Fine,' Should Play Saturday

  3. Odom Found Unconscious in Brothel, Hospitalized

  4. Scott: 3-Pointers Exciting, Hoping for 4-Pointer

  5. Rick Fox on Kobe's Future: 'I Think He'll Play Overseas'

  6. Lakers trainer Gary Vitti talked to team about Lamar Odom before preseason game vs. Kings

  7. Lakers look sluggish in 107-100 loss, Kobe leaves early with injury http://t.co/miUwMjz3is http://t.co/jEOpWySgjo

  8. Russell's Young Career Is About to Become More Challenging

  9. Shaq's Advice to the Lakers: Get New Players

  10. LO has seen too much tragedy in his life. Need for him to not join the list of loss that's surrounded him. He needs to pull through.

  11. We are live talking Kobe's injury and potential roster cuts: http://t.co/A3sYQwjqly

  12. Roster Cuts May Begin After Kings Preseason Game

  13. Russell Continues to Show Off His Passing Skills

  14. Russell Can't Be a Bust in Preseason

  15. Kobe left the arena, so we'll wait until Thursday to hear from him, but Byron Scott was very clear that Bryant is just fine injury wise.

  16. Byron Scott on Kobe: "He's fine....He'll be ready Saturday."

  17. World Peace Laments Lack of Toughness in the NBA

  18. Kobe Wants the Lakers to Play Better Defense

  19. Best Player on Every NBA Team Entering '15-16

  20. Byron Scott says Kobe Bryant is 'fine' and will be ready for Saturday. http://t.co/UtCpLKPQmE http://t.co/r34dOw9GZ7

  21. A very concerned Metta World Peace couldn't talk about childhood friend Lamar Odom: "There's not one word I could say that would make sense"

  22. Booker Suspended One Game for Hibbert Slap

  23. Randle 'Is Getting a Lot of Things Right'

  24. Going to be interesting to hear what Byron says about his rotations this game. Also really looking forward to a Kobe update today/tomorrow.

  25. Byron Scott says Kobe will be ready to play Saturday: "He's fine."

  26. Why Russell's Absence Is Bad for Kobe, Lakers

  27. Lakers Drop 3rd Straight Preseason Game

  28. Scott said Kobe is fine. He thinks he'll be able to play on Saturday (the next game). Taken out as a precaution and to get treatment.

  29. BScott said Kobe is "fine. He'll be ready for Saturday.' And Laker Nation quits holding its breath

  30. Lowry Gets 25 in Raptors' 105-97 Preseason Win Over Lakers

  31. Randle Razzle Dazzles, Finds Kobe

  32. Here's the running diary from LAL's loss to Sacramento in Vegas: http://t.co/AeNRupZwgF Stay tuned for a Kobe update.

  33. Clarkson Works Away to Improve His Play

  34. What to Watch for in Kobe's 20th and (Perhaps?) Final Season

  35. D’Angelo Russell added another 3 in the final seconds, as the Kings take the 107-100 win. 12/6/4 for Randle, 11/7/3 for Russell.

  36. Running Diary from tonight's game in Las Vegas: http://t.co/qOvHlNK1pC

  37. Kobe: Don't Compare Me to Michael Jordan at My Age

  38. Ronda Rousey: Kobe Should Retire

  39. INSTANT RECAP: Kobe Bryant suffers injury as Lakers fall 107-100. http://t.co/2gR4fgcFC4 http://t.co/y0xtpqSTK8

  40. This was @DanDuangdao and praying for Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom.

  41. Internet Reacts to ESPN's Kobe Ranking

  42. Russell having a rough night. Passes aren't as clean, jumper not falling. Also looks a bit lax off the ball. Bet Byron comments on it later.

  43. Russell hasn’t seen his shot fall tonight (1 for 6), and the bench is at just 32% overall (starters 50%). D’Angelo does have 6R, 3A in 18M.

  44. Kobe Bryant Ranked No. 93 on ESPN Top Player List

  45. How League Insiders View the Lakers' Rebuild

  46. John Stockton's son is playing while Carlos Boozer's son sits on bench.

  47. On cue, Russell stepped back to hit a long 2 after grabbing his 7th rebound.