1. Kobe on post retirement: "I figure out how to do it and be successful and find the joy in that or be a miserable old dude."

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  9. Oral History of Kobe's Final Year in High School

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  11. Wearing the 8, Kobe had to teach himself to be something he wasn’t naturally, he said, though it worked to the tune of 3 titles.

  12. Magic said earlier that Kobe should buy part of the 76ers. Kobe's response, not specific to the 76ers, more about team ownership: "Maybe."

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  15. Kobe on possibly being a team owner down the road: "I haven't really had a burning desire to look into that much."

  16. Kobe shares a special relationship with Thibs based on their time together in Philly 20+ years ago. https://t.co/weJZrBtA55

  17. Kobe mentioned his close relationship w/ Buss family & mentioned it would be "an honor" to help Lakers post-NBA in any capacity.

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  22. Kobe asked if ownership of an NBA team is in his future. “I don’t know,” he said. But he didn’t rule it out, said it’s possible.

  23. Kobe says growing up in Philly gave him thick skin: "There's not one playground here where people play basketball and don't talk trash."

  24. It's time for u to take it all in... sit back, relax & enjoy all that u have built. Love u lil bro @kobebryant pic.twitter.com/zDcNjWHBDp

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  31. Bryant said he doesn’t have a preference between 24 or 8 when the Lakers retire his jersey, but he’s evolved more into himself in 24.

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  39. Sixers coach Brett Brown said Nerlens Noel (right knee tendinitis) will play limited minutes off the bench tonight after missing the last 2.

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  58. Getting shots up in his hometown https://t.co/XiKZhKibK4

  59. Byron Scott on Kobe: "We talked about it last night. As I told him, he kind of shocked me when he told me. Just sad more than anything."

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  67. Blazers Hand Lakers 5th Straight Loss with 108-96 Win

  68. Kobe would look at team ownership on case-by-case basis. Didn't close the door on returning to the Lakers in a non-playing capacity, either.

  69. Bryant said he “grew up with the Buss family,” and he remains very tight with Jeanie Buss and the family.

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