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  37. I mean, obviously Curry, Draymond and Klay won all those titles before Kerr and his staff got there. And Shaq/Kobe before Phil, and...

  38. If Kerr hadn't given all of the assistants the freedom & confidence to grow, Walton said he wouldn't have been ready for this now...

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  45. Result: Open three-pointer for Draymond Green. In all, Fraser said Kerr installed 3 new plays for last night's game, GSWs scored on all 3.

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  69. Who do you blame for the @lakers' struggle? We believe Jim Buss' personal feelings & ineffectiveness are to blame for the great debacle of The Lakers over the last 2.5 seasons.

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  72. Barry to KNBR on Luke's stolen Mercedes "I rode in his car once down in LA, man. That was a sweet car." Worth stealing? "Oh hell yes it was"

  73. Rick Barry to KNBR on how he'd try to slow Curry "I'm talkin ab picking him up fullcourt, that he's gonna work every sec he's on that court"