1. James Harden dropped 50 points for the third time in last 2 seasons. Thats more than anyone else in NBA as Rockets handed 76ers their 27th loss 116-114. Sixers now have the worst losing streak in pro sports history  Harden also had 8 assists and 9 rebounds.

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  3. Police to Investigate Okafor's Nightclub Fight

  4. Time to Question the Process?

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  16. There was a Black Friday Sale on 3️⃣'s last night, so we cashed in on SIXTEEN of them. https://t.co/imK6pOq5sx

  17. James Harden best highlights from 50 points against 76ers: https://t.co/TgDGQ1QlNF https://t.co/aY6LC25jOx

  18. Okafor's Apparent Fight Is Proof of 76ers' Flawed Rebuilding

  19. Frustration Mounts as Losses Continue to Pile

  20. Sixers Set Record for Consecutive Losses

  21. Golden State Warriors are definitely the best team in the NBA so far. They are playing fantastic basketball, they are blowing away all their opponents and they are still unbeaten‼️ Their record is now 17-0 and who knows when they will loose their first game. They have already broke the record for the best start to the season and I hope they can prolong this winning streak. On other end of the NBA standings is Philadelphia 76ers. The last winless team in the league and their record is now 0-17. They have been very close to finally get a W in 5 of last 6 games, but their young core really struggles to score in the fourth quarter of close games. I hope they can win one as soon as possible. Not because I am a fan of the Sixers, but because they really deserve it for their last couple of performances. What do you think will happen first❓❓ Will the Sixers get a victory sooner than Golden State loose a game❓ #nba #basketball #bball #sport #follow #f4f #followme #followforfollow #follow4follow #followalways #followback #follower #following #likeforlike #nbanews #philadelphia #76ers #sixers #goldenstate #warriors #gsw

  22. For their Jan. 30th game, Warriors would be 46-0 and 76ers would be 0-47. https://t.co/nORbkh01xV

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  24. Brown 'Truly Numb' to Sixers' 26-Game Losing Skid

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  28. Celtics Rally to Keep 76ers Winless

  29. Boston police probing fight involving 76ers center Jahlil Okafor https://t.co/VIZVqkZdia #NBA https://t.co/iuFxi1VrIF

  30. If Hinkie doesn't significantly start pulling this together next season, there's ample reason to criticize. This year? Ehh. What's 3-14?

  31. 76ers Fall to 0-16 as Celtics Rally from 11 Pts Down

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  33. I look at the Sixers as a team that could/should have Okafor, Noel, Saric, maybe Embiid (health?), 2016 Lotto pick(s), future picks, etc

  34. Sixers discussion is hard, but I think my biggest issue with all of the discussion is whether "things" they do are right or wrong (1/x)

  35. Sixers Tie NBA Record for Consecutive Losses

  36. Stauskas 'Likely' to Miss 76ers' Next 3 Games

  37. Interesting thoughts from @MJ_Baumann on the Sixers (https://t.co/onrd79Cwr8) but I disagree with this... https://t.co/NyWl0We44W

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  40. Brown Has to Make Up for Lack of Veteran Leadership

  41. #Sixers Okafor day b4 draft: 'I would like to be considered a true professional - someone who never had any problems off the court.'

  42. Police investigating nightclub fight involving 76ers' Okafor. MORE: https://t.co/khL1VBQ0Fh https://t.co/0n4aeb52ba

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  44. Loss to the Rockets is going to be like that moment Jessica Jones breaks free from mind control for Sixers fans.

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  47. RoCo records a career-high 28 points and 8 steals in last night's loss to the Rockets. » https://t.co/yc78a2TNl0

  48. Duke Fans Are Concerned for Okafor

  49. 76ers Fall to T-Wolves, Drop to 0-15

  50. With new lineup, 50-point game from James Harden, Rockets keep 76ers winless https://t.co/2XPDEp868U via @HoustonChron

  51. ICYMI: James Harden dropped 50 and the Sixers dropped their 27th in a row, a record for major U.S. pro sports. https://t.co/bYwIBEt27c

  52. The Philadelphia 76ers have lost 25 games in a row. They are one loss away from tying the NBA record. pic.twitter.com/zNBAq3ZdwL

  53. Despite Loss, Okafor Dominates Fellow Rookie Towns

  54. I haven't been on the "the #sixers offense has been better without Okafor" train this yr, despite '#'s, but last night that was the case.

  55. Near-Win Simply Ends in More Heartbreak for 76ers

  56. Okafor Denies Fellow Rookie KAT

  57. More that the #sixers lack of spacing made it easier for Dwight to rotate and hurt the guards ability to penetrate. https://t.co/nR1YIn7V6u

  58. The #sixers actually had more uncontested field goal attempts than Rockets (39 to 26), but Rockets shot 65.4% on them, vs 46.2% for Sixers.

  59. Are the 76ers the Worst Team of All Time?

  60. #NBAHighlights: James Harden drops 50 on the Sixers. https://t.co/7mvPJrMNKE

  61. The amazing thing about the #sixers small lineup last night is they only gave up 2 second chance points in 21 minutes Okafor was on bench.

  62. Losing Taking Toll on Brett Brown

  63. Heat Escape, Top 76ers 96-91 to Keep Philly Winless

  64. Covington really did a masterful job fronting Dwight and keeping the ball out of his hands when the #sixers went small to start 4th.

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  68. Twenty-Seven Losses https://t.co/ZgMQYdfwTx https://t.co/fA0Mw4Ez7h

  69. There are very few players who have been a consistent positive contributor on #sixers over last 2 years. A healthy Robert Covington has been