1. Here's how Twitter reacted to the confusing #ESPNForecast prediction earlier this afternoon: http://t.co/wAOYTcQvZh http://t.co/wLEknIr0XN

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  6. Hall-of-Famer @DWilkins21 presents Tiffany & Dave with the 2015 Atlanta Families’ Award for Excellence in Education! http://t.co/1YWslBaJog

  7. We're 8 hours away from the final month without basketball, if that's any consolation? https://t.co/FSXPsK5PYN

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  11. If healthy, slotting Heat third behind Cavs and Bulls seems fair. But Wizards and Hawks won't be easily passed. https://t.co/y42g2oacZU

  12. The ESPN Forecast has us as the 5th most likely team to come out of the East this season. Thoughts?

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  16. The mute button remains Twitter's best feature

  17. Trying to visualize scenarios where the Hawks could fall into fifth place, but this is all I have so far. http://t.co/48Bp5lTlRM

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  21. Slightly for still being a part of this conversation with you https://t.co/KPqStXMNeo

  22. I bet you have been https://t.co/sMoagAH181

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  25. Report: Mike Scott Faces Up to 25 Years on Drug Charges

  26. Also true, Hawks have to do a better job of making teams pay when they focus on stopping Korver https://t.co/CNAp8bQ1Gh

  27. Probably slips that jersey into his bag though when the Hawks win https://t.co/m12hbcHTIH

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  30. You are one of those guys at Philips wearing the LeBron jersey aren't you? https://t.co/dJQZFz8SfQ

  31. True Believers - #ESPNForecast has us 5th most likely to come out of the East: http://t.co/KNUDpUjX4U Too high? Too low? Just right?

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  34. No, that was what was special about last year. It was a team effort all the way around https://t.co/FB4tavfQFm

  35. What exactly does race have to do with it? We are talking basketball https://t.co/lLOY9xali8

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  38. JR was also wishing someone wanted to sign him this summer https://t.co/1pgP8HWAVc

  39. I do hope that Hardaway turns out to be good enough so that is an actual discussion. Not holding my breath though

  40. Replacing Carroll Will Be Hawks' Toughest Task

  41. Teague Will Continue to Donate to Hospital

  42. Well this is officially ridiculous https://t.co/BixrDc82eV

  43. Actually I didn't just watch the playoffs. I watched the entire season https://t.co/SqKDg4m7pf

  44. Report: Hawks' Scott Faces Up to 25 Years on Drug Charges

  45. Korver Hopeful He'll Be Ready for Training Camp

  46. Agreed, that is where some of the other options come in https://t.co/wFVOHA0m7I

  47. Wing defense may take a hit but addition of Splitter should help interior. Some tradeoffs there for sure https://t.co/1j7bubXE02

  48. Thabo Sefolosha 'Doing Better Every Day'

  49. Hawks Have No Reason to Be Overlooked This Year

  50. Probably a stretch to consider Bazemore a SF but yeah he will see some time there when they go small https://t.co/Rj3Fn7F01h

  51. Thabo isn't a small forward? https://t.co/bo5yq0jRkI