1. Fewest Minutes Trailing in 4th Qtr at Home This Season Spurs 0 Bulls 1 Cavaliers 9 Raptors 9

  2. Butler: Blazers' Plumlee Should Pay My Fine for T

  3. Bulls End Three-Game Western Swing with Win

  4. Bulls Hang on in Portland, Top Blazers 93-88

  5. Jimmy Butler wants Mason Plumlee to pay fine after scuffle (video) https://t.co/MPqn52VuAv

  6. Thanks to @ZTE_USA & our participating partners who helped us serve dinner to individuals at Pacific Garden Mission! https://t.co/aSJ7QKspYh

  7. Jimmy Butler and Mason Plumlee Get into It

  8. Butler Casually Drills Halfcourt Shot to Beat Buzzer

  9. Who Wins 'NBA 2K' Simulation Between '95 Bulls & '15 Dubs?

  10. Bulls are 9-4 but halfcourt offense doesn't act like it all the time. Tribune story: https://t.co/UhKVQMBBeT

  11. VIDEO: 1995-96 Bulls vs. 2015-16 Warriors debate given NBA 2K treatment! https://t.co/ULJV8zLja2 https://t.co/7ATOpBvuzP

  12. Butler: Bulls Don't 'Bring That Fight' Every Game

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  14. How Much Better Would Your Team Be with Curry?

  15. Best #NBA records: Warriors 16-0, Cavs and Spurs 11-3, Heat and Bulls 9-4, Pacers 9-5, Hawks 10-6.

  16. Jimmy Butler says Mason Plumlee owes him $2,500 for technical foul he incurred during their Tuesday night skirmish | https://t.co/6VDUyiDCqN

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  20. Highkin: Bulls' Ceiling Is Unknown, but They're Confident

  21. Today and every day we say no to violence against women.

  22. Jimmy Butler Will Ask Mason Plumlee to Pay His Fine https://t.co/jMmMEcn7TT https://t.co/BSBKcd5ix2

  23. good formula for...eh, 2nd-tier Eastern Conference seeding and second-round exit. Sounds about right. https://t.co/88Arh2iJpC

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  25. Kerr Details How Warriors Would Guard the '95-96 Bulls

  26. Bulls Would Be Screwed Without Jimmy Butler

  27. Do think whenever Dunleavy returns (Friday is 9 weeks since back surgery) that will help halfcourt offense. Curious to see Snell's role then

  28. Bulls are guarding (2nd opponents' FG%, 5th defensive rating), getting big stops at critical times (hello, Noah) and just enough O (Butler).

  29. Could Noah Be Traded to Dallas?

  30. Noah Struggling, Unsure of Where He Fits Offensively

  31. Bulls' point differential of plus-1.4 lowest of 8 current East playoff teams except for Wiz' minus-3.1. Looking at stats,crazy Bulls are 9-4

  32. Maybe it's not 'confidence' and he just isn't good. https://t.co/psFRj02oNK

  33. Bulls Assign Bairstow to D-League

  34. Tony Snell has scored in single digits 5 straight games and is 5-for-28 in that span.

  35. Up at BaB from @hungarianjordan - how the Bulls fare on ESPN's Real Plus Minus https://t.co/WIEIDy7zQT https://t.co/uA6JgurcHo

  36. Bulls Stay Close but Fall Late to Unbeaten Warriors

  37. Warriors Get to 14-0 with Win Over Bulls

  38. Jimmy Butler wants Mason Plumlee to pay his fine, "and I'm not playing" -- https://t.co/pqm71BPtrf https://t.co/qjO4ElAW3R

  39. The @Warriors are eventually going to lose. But they may catch 72-win @Bulls before it's all over https://t.co/96gneMTljU

  40. Watch: Jimmy Gets Up for the High Lob from Niko

  41. Butler Proving Last Year Was No Fluke

  42. Jimmy Butler: Mason Plumlee 'cost me $2,500'; I'm asking him to pay me back.' https://t.co/sQ8Nu56DfW https://t.co/od2WQiESH0

  43. Points per 100 poss. (Tues.): Lakers: 82.3 Warriors: 118.6 Bulls: 96.7 Blazers: 91.5 https://t.co/NQnBirIX7n

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  45. Will It Just Be Hinrich at PG Against the Warriors Friday?

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  49. Why Jimmy Butler will ‘nicely’ ask Mason Plumlee to pay his technical foul fine. https://t.co/P2tFXyX1Kx https://t.co/pwOUzvgrh7

  50. Improbable Task Lies Ahead for Bulls

  51. The #Bulls stepped up big on the defensive end to take a 93-88 win last night in Portland. RECAP: https://t.co/u7QBsHtE77

  52. Jimmy Butler wants his fine paid by "Mister Dukie" Mason Plumlee: https://t.co/0vSF5rxiLC

  53. Hoiberg on 'Phenomenal' Butler: 'He Just Took the Game Over'

  54. Butler's Season-High 32 Power Bulls Past Suns

  55. Bulls: Jimmy Butler wants Mason Plumlee to pay his fine - https://t.co/RnweLivYBB #BullsTalk

  56. just watched last night's late game. Played pretty cruddy and won #2015Bulls . There's a bit more here https://t.co/G6psJs8Z7F

  57. 3-Pointers: Hinrich Continues Stretch of Solid Play

  58. Butler Teaches Suns Rookie Booker a Lesson

  59. #Bulls fans, today is the LAST day to help us name your Bulls D-League team! Visit https://t.co/YmXGDcfASS now! https://t.co/se78kllWz3

  60. The Bulls roll in to the Fieldhouse tonight w/ a 10% drop in price! Grab cheap tickets right here ---> https://t.co/gZI3Dfgy1a

  61. Full Highlights of Bulls vs. Suns

  62. Brooks (Hamstring) Leaves Game vs. Suns

  63. Ha. I will be there. (Have 5th off.) 4 OT anyone? https://t.co/7U3B0tYbjA

  64. "He (Mason Plumlee) cost me $2,500. I'm going to ask him to pay me back -- and I'm not playing." - Jimmy Butler https://t.co/7KSjSaw4Xp

  65. Butler Slams It Home with the Lob from Niko

  66. Hoiberg Goes Back a Long Way with Suns HC Hornacek

  67. Mom and my sister. militant hippies. We Pray for Chicago. #rockyourdrop

  68. Bulls still winning primarily with defense, which does count. https://t.co/WlPr8QnNvg

  69. Bucher: D-Rose Is NBA's Most Underrated Player

  70. Gamer from Portland's loss Tuesday to the Bulls https://t.co/5jtK4BSgtq

  71. Story of a pro: Why Blazers' @GhJr09 returned to court for an hour after Bulls loss: "I owe it to my teammates ..." https://t.co/PU4foCpj9E