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  7. Sam on Andre being vocal "It's funny, u go all day & u don't hear him say a word, then you get on the court & it's just constant chatter."

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  9. Report: Flip Saunders' Cancer Has Become Life Threatening

  10. Sam on Andre "He's always the 1st one to pass & when your PG passes the ball it kinda becomes infectious throughout the team."

  11. Sam on Andre Miller's impact "I think he only took 1 shot [in scrimmage] but his team won b/c he just tries to make the right play." (cont)

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  24. A week from tonight, I'll be in the 'Peg, preparing for Bulls-Wolves. Anybody got any must-sees or dos there north of the border?

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  28. Gorgui re: Andre McGee: "I know he’s a good guy, that’s all I know about him. As far as throwing parties, the stuff you say, I’m unaware of"

  29. Flip Saunders not expected to return to team this season as his cancer now considered "life threatening" #PrayForFlip

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  32. Shabazz says he keeps losing weight. Says he's down to 217 now after beefing up into the 260s in July

  33. 2 other things about Damjan; his last name is pronounced ROO-dezh & 1 of his favorite movies is The Godfather.

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  36. Shabazz said he's now down to 217lbs "I think I was 240-something when I left [in spring]."

  37. Asked about a rotation # he had in mind, Sam said whoever can help them win but added he's thinking about a 10-man rotation

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  40. Shabazz on his role at camp "Coach has had be out there playing the 2, 3, 4 & I think that's a good thing b/c you can be on the floor more."

  41. Mitchell also said he limited Rubio in scrimmage today "I just want to be cautious, we've got a long season so there's no need to rush him.'

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  44. Sam's focus on defense started w/ teaching basic stance, now onto pick-n-roll D. "That's the NBA game."

  45. Mitchell on team's effort 1st 4 days "They're tired, they're tired. Tomorrow's going to be a day off so, they deserve it."

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  48. Mitchell on KG's participation in practice "I try to pull him out of certain things, try to give him some rest." #twolves

  49. #twolves wrapped up Day 4 of training camp, tomorrow an off-day & annual team trip to Glen Taylor's house for a meal, back to practice Sun.