1. Kevin Durant’s ultimate destiny is as a full-time stretch 4, or at least for the closing stretches of games.

  2. Report: Dwight Brings Gun to Airport, Not Arrested

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  5. Rockets Can Finally Focus on Chemistry, Title Pursuit

  6. If you’re HOU and can pull off the unthinkable, maybe it doesn’t make sense to commit big money to motiejunas/jones

  7. Was thinking about this earlier too. https://t.co/e655vmj23g

  8. Howard Calls Harden Best Left-Handed Shooter Ever

  9. Ty Lawson Will Help Rockets Rely Less on James Harden

  10. Rockets' Deal with Chuck Hayes Falls Through

  11. The best part of that play was that Pujols fell down after striking out. https://t.co/BQrrxeAM3t

  12. #Repost @rocketsmascotclutch ・・・ 1st of 20 Mattress Firm Good Night Sleep School Shows over the next 2 weeks went GREAT at Creighton Elementary this morning in Conroe! Students will be learning from our unique brand of "edutainment" about how the role of a solid education plays into their future and how getting 10-12 hours of sleep now helps them get the most out of their education. Thank YOU Mattress Firm for providing this to our Houston Community!!

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  15. Rockets Face Tough Choice with Harrell

  16. Rockets' Dwight Howard will not face charges for having gun at airport http://t.co/WSqZ5UPIXE http://t.co/wcBdAvt6DW

  17. Dwight Howard brought a loaded gun to an airport and is totally in the clear http://t.co/1cIjLbLC6Z http://t.co/Bbbc8NVYW3

  18. James Harden Gives Back to Arizona Community

  19. Can the Rockets Sign Kevin Durant?

  20. Rockets Mini Dribblers Clinics are starting 9/19 for kids 5-10. Includes game ticket, t-shirt & ball. http://t.co/1jutsizFN6

  21. Looooooong way to go to catch Calvin Murphy https://t.co/pUK5pgO3Aa

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  25. Here's how the Rockets should sort out their (loaded) bench minutes http://t.co/Qc9emZ4MYN http://t.co/jSogbpwn6T

  26. Like Snoop Dogg’s house? https://t.co/eQ3oKRJOAL

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  28. What Harden Could Buy with New $200M Adidas Contract

  29. This was one of my favorite Houston sports memories https://t.co/6tFm0xah0J

  30. Grantland piece today has a graphic with all the QBs who have thrown to Andre Johnson that will make you want to cry.

  31. Harden to Adidas After Nike Fails to Match

  32. 10 Rockets Games to Watch in 2015-16 Season

  33. We know Markieff Morris wants out of Phoenix, and now it appears he's working out with an exclusive #Rockets group: http://t.co/83xkbOJp8I

  34. If you polled the city, AJ wins in a landslide. But I go with Oswalt still.

  35. Montrezl Harrell Talks Rookie Transition Program

  36. Game-by-Game Preview for NBA's Christmas Day Lineup

  37. Who ranks higher on the Houston sports totem pole? Andre Johnson or Roy Oswalt? I say Oswalt.

  38. Random Al Harrington sighting not enough to edge past Random Cuttino Mobley video with white beard

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  40. NBA Schedule for 2015-16 Released

  41. Zach Lowe had him close to $15mill/year, and I think that will be the case too. https://t.co/MKTLslSWRi

  42. I wouldn’t even trade Terrence Jones straight up for Markieff except for the fact that he’s locked up on a great contract.

  43. James Harden Parties at Kylie Jenner's 18th Birthday Party

  44. James Harden Gets Dunked on by DeMar DeRozan, Hits Clutch 3 over Swaggy P

  45. Markieff at $8million is much better than Jones at whatever outrageous sum he’s going to get. But I like Jones the player more.

  46. Dude, random Al Harrington sighting is random.

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  48. Rockets to Host Spurs on Christmas

  49. Markieff isn’t nearly as stretchy as I thought he was. Only 32% on 3’s last year.

  50. This is very important. I need everyone following me to stop what they are doing and decide if that’s Marcus or Markieff in that picture.