1. Is there anyone that Matt Bullard doesn't expect to have a big year this year?

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  4. Report: Rockets Claim Arlasan Kazemi Off Waivers

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  6. Rockets could barely get the ball across half court at the end of the 1st. That @A1Laflare10 @TonyWarrenJr and Ronnie Price Defense! 

  7. Some of Suns led Some of Rockets, 30-27, at end of first quarter. With wifi situation here, you might read this at end of second quarter.

  8. Lift Off: Rockets Get Fancy on Alley-Oop

  9. Harden on Bruised Knee: Feels 'Real Good

  10. @ccapela15 doing work in the paint. Tune into ROOT SPORTS for second quarter preseason action. #Pursuit

  11. Joshua Smith very active tonight, 6pts/6reb and a blocked shot. Suns lead 34-30 with 9:17 remaining in the second.

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  13. Dwight Claims Torn MCL in '15 Playoffs

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  15. Oh, cool. A bank three. Preseason is great. Houston trails by 4.

  16. Chatted today w some of guys fighting for Rockets final roster spot. You better believe they know there are 14 guarantees, 15 roster spots.

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  18. Beverley Elated to Be on Court After Long Layoff

  19. Rockets Offense Improving After Two Games

  20. Montrezl with 3 fouls in one quarter. No bueno. This is when he's supposed to be getting minutes.

  21. Jason Terry booed as he shoots a technical. Turns to the crowd with an incredulous look. Hey, his number hangs from rafters in Tuscon.

  22. Harden Hardly Playing Like It's the Preseason vs. Mavs

  23. Harden's 19 Points Help Rockets Over Mavericks

  24. Jason Terry with 2 straight turnovers and Montrezl Harrell with his 4th foul. When do actual games start?

  25. END OF 1Q: #Suns 30, Rockets 27. Keef leads PHX with 8 pts

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  27. Curry on Harden's MVP Claim: 'I Try Not to Do a Lot of Talking'

  28. Can't predict since all so different. Kazemi not even with team yet. Smith getting most playing time so far. https://t.co/C1uwzu5Yv0

  29. PHX 30 HOU 27 after one. Really really sloppy on both sides of the ball, though some good play from TJones and Bev.

  30. Don't Sleep on Ty Lawson and the Rockets

  31. After 1, the #Rockets trail the Suns 30-27. Terrence Jones leads the way with 7pts, Capela with 4pts/2reb. http://t.co/uC31b8qbby

  32. Joshua Smith is huge oh wow

  33. Harden: I 'Deserved' MVP Award Last Year

  34. Capela in Store for More Minutes This Season

  35. First timeout, both teams pushing the basketball in this one. Rockets lead 12-11 with 5:47 left in Q1. Jones leads #Rockets scorers with 5p.

  36. I think ROOT sports is also in preseason mode.

  37. Rockets' Lawson Says 'Elite' West PGs Have to Win

  38. Jones Returns to Practice from Bruised Ribs

  39. Lots of whistles being blown. Preseason should be call your own fouls and check ball at the top. There. I said it.

  40. It’s a 14-12 Rockets lead with 5:24 left to go in the 1st quarter. #SunsVsRockets

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  43. Capela doing work in the paint. https://t.co/nlrOcBflBn

  44. Now Clint Capela is calling for the ball in the post and making hook shots. https://t.co/ks7UVwEdsi

  45. Jones Day-to-Day with Rib Injury

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  47. Sloppy possession ends in a TJones layup because preseason

  48. Pat Beverley draws a charge in the preseason because Pat Beverley