1. I'll bet connect 4 was involved.

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  5. AB from deep 

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  12. 17 points and 6 rebounds for Sully in last night's #CelticsWin ☘

  13. worth noting that there were rumblings last year linking the Celtics to Lawson but that was before Isaiah Thomas arrived

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  22. DOUBLE-DIGIT CELTICS WINS THROUGH 18 GAMES (Last 50 years) 2007-08: 13 1984-85: 13 1966-67: 12 1990-91: 10 2015-16: 9

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  35. I can't wait to use this picture the next time Avery Bradley heats up. https://t.co/2vpv4BU6r4

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  41. Not sure he's worth much - also Celtics depth is their strength. He is worth more to them, than they'd get for him. https://t.co/fwdY7wNRG6

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  46. Personally I'd be against a Melo trade - especially if it costs the Nets pick. I'd rather have 15% chance at #1 than a few yrs of Melo.

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  67. Monday was Boston's 9th double-digit win in 18 games. They're on pace for 41, only one Celtics team had more... '08 - 45 '62 - 41 '86 - 40

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