1. Jarrett Jack: "No way" dire predictions about #Nets come true http://t.co/POTzKi8N8J http://t.co/m5ACzRCnCW

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  6. That's oy-ful https://t.co/d73Kw1cC2V

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  24. Campers at Dribble were in for lots of excitement today as @jarrettjack03 stepped in as counselor for the day, going over basketball drills. #Nets #BrooklynNets #Camp

  25. SI puts @TheJoeJohnson7 at #82 among top 100; @yungsmoove21 at #75; Lopez somewhere in top 50 (and I don't care)

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  28. #Nets are embracing someone Knicks discarded and dissed. http://t.co/VDJkMkH0ct http://t.co/ed6i9F4Dn2

  29. Remember, everyone, there is a great silent majority that doesn't use Twitter. (They're probably worse!)

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  32. Same guy in different suit. https://t.co/oeBH6aI3dv

  33. I think best way to handle Denali controversy would have been to sell naming rights. Trump Mountain!

  34. Robinson Wants 'Long-Term Relationship' with Nets

  35. Report: Johnson Will Be 'Happier' After Williams Buyout

  36. I'm a SuperDunk man myself https://t.co/gltHLv0UDy

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  40. SiriusXM replayed Jim Boeheim interview from early this month when he called @briskuno one of the best he ever coached, an"enlightened pick"

  41. In full SiriusXM interview @briskuno says he's put on 13 pounds since draft and been working on "right hooks, left hooks, ball-handling"

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  43. How Prokhorov Got Bailed Out of Marriage Promise

  44. you're fine. its about a half mile from where that picture was taken. https://t.co/0F96xq0HWP

  45. which hotel? https://t.co/6AVpEFDh2n

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  48. Already been to Merriman's and will to to Lahaina Grill. The rest of the nights will be burgers. https://t.co/JkjW6gJbrB

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