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  2. AI and the NBA's Sleeve Revolution

  3. KD, Westbrook Stop Nets' Win Streak in Oklahoma City

  4. Thunder Win as Nets Sink at End of a Seesaw Game

  5. Okay. I think he did because the Boston fan made fun of his big hands. https://t.co/lh2SclqNNb

  6. You're simply speculating in order to justify what he did https://t.co/8DJFub7z04

  7. And of course you know this because you were there. https://t.co/5lajzACrP2

  8. Full Highlights from Nets vs. Thunder

  9. Thunder Stuff Nets on the Eve of Turkey Day, 110-99

  10. On my way to family dinner. Springsteen's "Jungleland." Greatest rock n roll song ever

  11. 515 AM view on June 22 https://t.co/wCRGk0VyDR

  12. We are thankful for Brook, and Shane, and Rondae, and Thad, and Andr...OK, let's not push it: https://t.co/sp8LGWpjTR #Nets

  13. Summer Trash Talkers Ibaka, Hollis-Jefferson Finally Do Battle

  14. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson Shines for Struggling Nets

  15. Nets' Disastrous Deal with the Celtics Keeps Getting Worse

  16. In case you've forgotten, this is what Barclays Center will look like when THREE apartment towers are complete. https://t.co/avA8rtF0kJ

  17. I would rather "catch" an infectious disease. https://t.co/nSIjB8CAtL

  18. Happy Thanksgiving to all our fans, the Nets team and staff as well as all our contributors. Have a blessed day.

  19. How Much Better Would Your Team Be with Curry?

  20. Breaking Down Each Team's Early-Season Trade Bait

  21. I'm thankful for realizing the Nets dont play Cleveland until Saturday. I thought it was tomorrow.

  22. RHJ seems to get a little better and brighter each day. He put up a double-double last night (11pts, 11rbs): https://t.co/sp8LGWpjTR #Nets

  23. Hypocrisy there, but NCAA doesn't get that $ though, Barclays Center does. https://t.co/M1GbVXWTrY

  24. Nets Hold Off Celtics 111-101 at Home

  25. Nets Beat Celtics with Ben Simmons Looming on Everyone's Mind

  26. Watch: Rookie RHJ Does It All in 1st Quarter

  27. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at NetsDaily. Hoping for presents at Christmas, a renewed spirit on New Years and YES Network by April!

  28. Happy Thanksgiving! We're thankful for y'all through it all, win or lose. Here's our thankful grades: https://t.co/sp8LGWpjTR #Nets

  29. Billy King: 'We Took Our Shot and It Didn’t Work'

  30. Hollins: 'I Rarely Think About Traded Picks'

  31. Rondae rising in rookie rankings https://t.co/Iyq6bQysZU https://t.co/7nOQuWJyfa

  32. Bradley, Thomas Lead Celtics to 120-95 Win Over Nets

  33. Wishing a happy & healthy #Thanksgiving from our #Nets family to yours!

  34. Wishing a happy & healthy Thanksgiving from our #Nets family to yours! https://t.co/EHwSTTMSMk

  35. Celtics Rub Salt in Nets' Wounds with Blowout

  36. Full Highlights from Nets vs. Celtics

  37. New: Nets Game Gallery: 11.25.15 @ OKC https://t.co/2UVJ964RPv #Nets

  38. Are we thankful for Andrea Bargnani? It's a cliff-hanger: https://t.co/qiMsW7gugS #Nets

  39. Celtics Kick Nets While They're Down

  40. The Legacy of Garnett-Pierce Trade

  41. Thad Young can't do it all, but he can do all the small things as well as you could ever want: https://t.co/qiMsW7gugS #Nets

  42. We can't wait to see what Christmastime Hollis-Jefferson looks like: https://t.co/qiMsW7gugS #Nets

  43. Sergey Karasev's Father Says He Wants to Be Traded

  44. OK, #ShaneLarkinShouldBeStarting. There, we said it: https://t.co/qiMsW7gugS #Nets

  45. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we put a positive spin on the current state in Brooklyn. We reached 3 paragraphs: https://t.co/qiMsW7gugS

  46. Batum's 24 Points Lead Hornets Over Nets, 116-111

  47. Nets Undone by Lin's Late Heroics in Loss to Hornets

  48. Can't hear what Hollins is saying but he looks defeated

  49. The squad hits the road for two (at OKC Friday & at Brooklyn on Sunday) before returning home to play Houston on Monday. #DetroitBasketball

  50. Full Highlights of Nets vs. Hornets

  51. Nets Fall to 2-10 as Hornets Sting Them in Charlotte

  52. Thankful for the #Nets, but Brooklyn loses 110-99. GRADES: https://t.co/qiMsW7gugS

  53. Sometimes great players simply drop off the table. Not a slow demise but a collapse.

  54. Young's Free Throws Push Nets Past Hawks

  55. Wonder if Sean Sweeney or Joe Prunty will coach next game? https://t.co/kzjw7ioOBG

  56. Nets Earn First Home Win Since April

  57. Full Highlights Hawks vs. Nets

  58. Thunder stuff Nets on the eve of Turkey Day, 110-99 https://t.co/RdHdWZt1SJ https://t.co/dIHJez4Mc4

  59. Idly tosses cranberries at bowl, misses the bowl repeatedly https://t.co/NVc5UpJYsG

  60. I Believe I Can Shoot: R. Kelly Hits 3 Smoking Cigar at Hawks-Nets

  61. Simply shocking pic.twitter.com/lbvIvHwzBg

  62. Thunder get 30 from Durant, 27 from Russ & pull away from the Nets 110-99 (F). Lopez led Brooklyn w/ 26. #BKNatOKC https://t.co/auxOX0iYEZ

  63. Final: Thunder 110 Nets 99. Brooklyn drops to 3-12, 1-9 road. Westbrook 27 points, 13 assists, 5 steals. Durant... https://t.co/CKTWNg79as

  64. Curry Leads Warriors Past Nets 107-99 in OT

  65. Final score tonight in OKC, #Nets fall to the #Thunder 110-99.

  66. *peeks out of hiding* The Nets got gobbled up by those 3-pointers in the fourth. *hides behind stuffing*

  67. Nets Blow Chance to Beat Undefeated Warriors

  68. Full Highlights from Nets vs. Warriors

  69. Final score tonight in OKC, #Nets fall to the #Thunder 110-99. https://t.co/grJDojLWuf

  70. Well, that turned fast. #Nets down 104-93 with 2:53 left.