1. Lionel Hollins said (paraphrasing, via YES) you can’t shoot 12, 13 threes in a game when opponents are shooting 30 to 35 threes.

  2. KD, Westbrook Stop Nets' Win Streak in Oklahoma City

  3. Thunder Win as Nets Sink at End of a Seesaw Game

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  5. New: Donald Sloan OUT, Willie Reed active for Nets https://t.co/wC21ozAObz #Nets

  6. #Nets pregame on @YESNetwork now. Read up on tonight’s game vs. the Cavaliers — https://t.co/jI3jdzj6gG

  7. Tonight's starters in Cleveland: Jack, Hollis-Jefferson, Johnson, Young, Lopez.

  8. Thunder Stuff Nets on the Eve of Turkey Day, 110-99

  9. Summer Trash Talkers Ibaka, Hollis-Jefferson Finally Do Battle

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  11. Injury update: Donald Sloan OUT, Willie Reed active vs. Cavaliers #Nets https://t.co/aM2xBXsojg

  12. Nets coach Lionel Hollins on Kevin Love: "It looks like he’s in much better shape. I was watching the tape and I had to ask who that was."

  13. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson Shines for Struggling Nets

  14. Nets' Disastrous Deal with the Celtics Keeps Getting Worse

  15. LINEUP UPDATE: Sloan is out due to illness; he & McCullough are inactive. Willie Reed will be active tonight for 1st time this season

  16. Check out our #Nets Item of the Game, only $15 with code SOCKS https://t.co/EqFnVWfntM https://t.co/8kDgKteRTi

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  19. Nets Hold Off Celtics 111-101 at Home

  20. Robin Lopez, that cur, goes after Brook's cat!! https://t.co/LE0axLo8xS https://t.co/QmijQAvNVx

  21. A man told Boston police that fight broke out after his female friends refused advances of two men, including one believed to be Okafor.

  22. Barclays Center pretty empty this afternoon for Nebraska-Tennessee. Good game so far though. 40-32 Nebraska https://t.co/EnnMFTbXqi

  23. Nets Beat Celtics with Ben Simmons Looming on Everyone's Mind

  24. Watch: Rookie RHJ Does It All in 1st Quarter

  25. Billy King: 'We Took Our Shot and It Didn’t Work'

  26. They took big risks on Noel, Embiid, Saric. First two obvious. Saric may not come for another year. Has a big buyout https://t.co/HBgfJ2xDxh

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  28. Hollins: 'I Rarely Think About Traded Picks'

  29. it should bother anyone interested in competitive professional sports. https://t.co/cA8e0aLhmG

  30. 3-12 #Nets visit King’s Court in Cleveland (@seanflatts) https://t.co/GjcYEKEQgl https://t.co/LU1cxtRwAp

  31. Bradley, Thomas Lead Celtics to 120-95 Win Over Nets

  32. Celtics Rub Salt in Nets' Wounds with Blowout

  33. Fake trade: DeAndre to Boston, Lance expiring/James Young + higher of Minny's 2016 1st/Boston's 1st to Brooklyn, D-Lee + Thad Young to LAC.

  34. There is an eventuality to it - he is an ending contract on a team going nowhere. He walks from Brooklyn in July. https://t.co/KjCttGtA0v

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  36. Celtics Kick Nets While They're Down

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  38. The Legacy of Garnett-Pierce Trade

  39. #Nets stash Juan Pablo Vaulet scores 12 points in return from ankle surgery https://t.co/QPSEuca2fs https://t.co/obn0OWASie

  40. Sergey Karasev's Father Says He Wants to Be Traded

  41. Batum's 24 Points Lead Hornets Over Nets, 116-111

  42. #Nets take on the #Cavs tonight at 7:30pm on @YesNetwork. Listen: WFAN https://t.co/v8fMWI6NpS

  43. Here's some highlights of #Nets stash @juampiiivaulet first game back from ankle fracture. https://t.co/hX11ZnlrEK

  44. Nets Undone by Lin's Late Heroics in Loss to Hornets

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  46. #Nets stash @juampiiivaulet returned from ankle surgery in Argentina Friday, scored 12 points but his team lost by 31.

  47. #Nets try to pull off the upset in Cleveland https://t.co/zLxIuI5xiB https://t.co/iuKcth1GUs

  48. Nets Fall to 2-10 as Hornets Sting Them in Charlotte

  49. One more road game before four straight at home. #Pistons take on the Nets Sunday night in Brooklyn.

  50. he's a stretch 4 and he's in the D-League. https://t.co/EZFXtXTmuQ

  51. Young's Free Throws Push Nets Past Hawks

  52. Nets Earn First Home Win Since April

  53. Some irrational hope: Some in Heat front office thought @ShowtimeReed33 could be this year's Hassan Whiteside. Then Nets gave him guarantee.

  54. Brooklyn #Nets hope the Philadelphia 76ers win some games https://t.co/jaljNVqy4q https://t.co/u7wjv9Cs5n

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  56. I Believe I Can Shoot: R. Kelly Hits 3 Smoking Cigar at Hawks-Nets

  57. Ex-Piston Kyle Singler wasn't used in OKC's win over Brooklyn 2 nights ago. Had been in rotation prior to that. DJ Augustin the backup PG

  58. In Brooklyn, Jalen Brunson has 13, 2 and 2 as Villanova is rolling toward 6-0 on Georgia Tech.

  59. Simply shocking pic.twitter.com/lbvIvHwzBg

  60. 2016/17 Salary Cap Projection: Brooklyn Nets https://t.co/Du7D6lX23I https://t.co/s1AJ2XOuAG

  61. Always remember, you are a nobody https://t.co/1jxEL963JK

  62. Curry Leads Warriors Past Nets 107-99 in OT

  63. Nets Blow Chance to Beat Undefeated Warriors

  64. How despicable that the term "active shooter" is now part of the American lexicon.

  65. The worst https://t.co/Kco7Z1RoCL

  66. Full Highlights from Nets vs. Warriors

  67. Nets, Lopez Come Up Short in Final Seconds; Fall to Warriors

  68. Halftime in Brooklyn: Villanova 30, Georgia Tech 23

  69. #Nets now 29th in 3-Pt shooting at 29.9% for season