1.  Blessed   @ Brooklyn, New York https://t.co/nNEvrhv9B6

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  6. Ryan Boatright and 6th grade phenom Boopie Miller https://t.co/OPYmcfQJjc Boopie could be in 2021 draft. #Nets have 1st but no 2nd in 2021.

  7. Never mind https://t.co/rQ6rLk8unO

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  11. Kardashian-free weddings are the best! https://t.co/3ES6REOkwu

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  20. As so where was @TheJoeJohnson7 on Friday Night? https://t.co/3RG6ksS0zi As he writes, "What does your Friday night consist of? "

  21. As @TheJoeJohnson7 says, "No days off, man, no days off." https://t.co/5rdxoNrRJp (I often do this on MY kitchen floor)

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  25. Yikes @TheJoeJohnson7 appears to be in good shape. https://t.co/t7x9XcMLi8

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  32. Someone jumped in East River https://t.co/0pMzlA08Qb

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  36. Surprised I haven't heard anything about this (yet): this is 40th anniversary season of #Nets last championship team, 1975-76 New York Nets

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  44. Might be better to just send a donation to "Lonely Guys" in his honor. Take your time. No rush https://t.co/Sp9eCOpr01

  45. And added skill for RHJ ... Poetry https://t.co/bl3g0b3kLf

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