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  11. The Charlotte Hornets 2015-16 preseason schedule has just been announced! Tap the link in our bio to check out the eight-game schedule

  12. The @hornets announce preseason schedule. Two home exhibitions are Oct. 17 vs. Knicks and Oct. 19 vs. Bulls.

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  31. FRIDAY! 

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  34. Thank u 4 all of the congratulatory wishes & kind words of encouragement! Thank you Fox Sports Southeast @FSCarolinas & @hornets! #Let'sGo

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  43. Knicks preseason: Oct. 7 vs Paschoalotto/Bauru (Brazil); 10/9 @ Wizards; 10/12 vs 76ers; 10/16 vs. Celtics; 10/17 @ Hornets; 10/22 @ Celtics

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  46. Knicks preseason schedule 10/7 - Brazilian club at MSG 10/9 @ Wizards 10/12 Sixers 10/16 Celtics. 10/17 @ Hornets 10/22 @ Celts

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